Spectralis Owners First Impressions

Lucky Revtor spends some quality time with monster synth      27/03/08
Spectralis Owners First Impressions

The Spectralis is a synth that we’ve been following the development of for some time. Waaaay back in MESSE in 2003 when I believe it was to be called the Spectron it was bright yellow, nowadays it' wears a more sober outfit. Jorg Schaaf, a synth designer best known for his work from the Quasimidi days, has been tweaking and coaxing the best from his hardware since then. And now you can actually buy one. Which is what Revtor did and decided to write down his findings after a few days with the machine. Go check out this thread over at our GAS STATION forums – yes we do have them y’know...



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Ryan    Said...

It really is a beautiful sounding machine... Every review says so.

However, Jorg is at his limit for completing v1.0 and after taking such a long period of time to get there I will be very hesitant to purchase a spectralis over the eagerly anticipated Linn Drum II-- where I have first hand experience with the class of Dave Smith Instruments support and assume Roger Linn will carry that legacy on his end.

So Jorg... if I could talk directly to you... I would say build a company. Make this thing real. It is a beautiful concept that was ahead of its time and now all the other players are catching up. I think its time to really put yourself into this!

27-Mar-08 12:14 PM

~Revtor    Said...

I have been waiting for OS1.0 for ... four days. For the people that bought them two, three years ago, and are still waiting for the final few features.. yeah it must be a bummer. What I can tell you though, is that the machine has so much to offer in its current state that I'm not missing a few things, and can wait until summer for OS1.0

The Linn Drum II looks to be very cool, and Dave Smith has a proven track record and company bankroll to make it happen. I highly doubt though, that it will be able to functionally replace the Spectralis. We'll see!

28-Mar-08 06:15 AM

Lloyd    Said...

I just picked one of these up as well a few weeks ago. The fact that the OS is .97L and not 1.0 is overblown. This thing is powerful, deep and inspiring. I was expecting it to be like an updated Polymorph but it is way way beyond my expectations there. The sound is absolutely stunning. Granted I've only had it for a few weeks but already it's kicking my other gear out the door. It's just a fantastic concept which is ahead of it's time.

28-Mar-08 09:28 AM

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