Podcast: Sonic TALK - 081 Robot Drummer, Guitar Hero, I Remember

Regressive therapy and a Kaossilator      03/04/08

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56:25 mins
SONIC TALK 081 - Joining me this week is Mark Tinley sound designer and producer extraordinaire - he's just done an album in 1 month and is fresh from a strangely stimulating experience at the airport, Rich Hilton who's celebrating 20 years working with Nile Rodgers, PJ tracy - the busy composer from Minneapolis and Dave Spiers from GFORCE Software - makers of fine software instruments. First, Mark tells us of his personal encounter with a vibrating chair, then we're on to the cute little drumming, sampling robot, Gibson gun for some of the Guitar Hero and Rock Band cash, then we all fess up on what our first record purchases were and get more than we bargained for, Rich is playing with Micky Dolenz, 128k or 320kbps MP3 test at mp3ornot.com, and at last Gary Kiblers Korg Kaossilaor album gets a viewing. Remember... Do Call Us We’ve set up a Skype account for people to leave comments (which may be played on subsequent episodes) or requests to be considered for a part on the show. You can contact using the Skype handle 'sonictalk' or if you want to use the phone, our number in the US is:

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I am legend    Said...



03-Apr-08 05:52 AM

I am legend    Said...

.... and... "That's a potato"


What the heck was Mark smokin' before the show?

03-Apr-08 06:33 AM

Sui    Said...

Peavey has your GH controllers:


And a system ready to be installed in your local karaoke bar:


03-Apr-08 02:47 PM

Dan A.    Said...

The Robot Drummer is clever, cool, and cute.

The first 45 I bought was Badfinger, Day After Day / Baby Blue, first LP - Jethro Tull, Living in the Past. Latest CD bought: Bjork, Debut.

03-Apr-08 11:28 PM

Howling Terror    Said...

Use a pop sheild for the next podcast please.

08-Apr-08 09:54 AM

Nick B    Said...

Ha! Actually, I was experimenting with leaving the HPF off the mixer channel coz I thought it made me sound more 'radio' - consider me chastized.

08-Apr-08 10:05 AM

Bjarne D.    Said...

Still, too much pop...

10-Apr-08 02:18 AM

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