Podcast: Sonic TALK085 - Rhythmic Intelligence, Moog Guitar, Funkytown

Sound Control in administration and in-ear monitors      08/05/08

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51:26 mins
SONIC TALK 085 It's a hot day here and I'm being subjected to more building noise - which means I cant open the windows to cool down - darn! However, I'm joined this week by Rich Hilton, Nile Rodgers' studio main man and Chic keyboardist, as he considers heading for his porch for the duration, as does Mark Tinley - long time Duran Duran man and sound artist - but is thwarted by the bright sunlight - (he can't read the screen). Meanwhile indoors, Dave Spiers - GForce Software dude, develops his studio tan and Pro Sound News Europe's Editor Dave Robinson lives the high life up in the swanky penthouse meeting room at CMP towers overlooking the Thames. Our topics this week range from a quick plug for the WNYC Radio Lab podcasts, intelligence and rhythmic accuracy proves drummers are clever (or does it?), in-ear monitor systems, Lipps Inc. Funkytown, and the largest UK music chain goes down. Finishing up we talk of the Moog guitar, which turns out to be real after all. Somehow from there we get to Toyah Wilcox and dislexia - who says we go off topic? Remember... Do Call Us We’ve set up a Skype account for people to leave comments (which may be played on subsequent episodes) or requests to be considered for a part on the show. You can contact using the Skype handle 'sonictalk' or if you want to use the phone, our number in the US is:

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It's great weather in the Netherlands too - finally! I feel sorry however that you had to confine yourself to working in a hot, closed room just so we could have our weekly podcast. Not too sorry though, since I've absolutely come to depend on that podcast! ;-)

I love Funky Town, great hooks and great sounds. When I think about the first time I heard a vocoder effect I'm not sure it was in a piece of music though - it probably was in the original Battlestar Galactica (which has still one of the best tv theme tunes ever in my opinion).

Oh yes - the new word verification thingy is kind of difficult, it's harder to see what some characters are.

08-May-08 09:02 PM

nick b    Said...

hi we had to increase security. We were getting spam

09-May-08 01:39 AM

Nick B    Said...

Sorry, short message - done on phone! Yeah the wprd verification wasnt working, we were getting a lot of spam due to the simplicity of the render so I had to tighten up the settings. - Sorry about that.

RE: Funkytown - its so evocative of teenage life and fairground evenings to me - a very strong tune and yes, packed full 'o hooks.

09-May-08 01:57 AM

Ian (Krakli Software)    Said...

Earliest Vocoder: last week somebody mentioned Sparkys Magic Piano which was the first example I remember of speech modulating audio (but not a vocoder, I guess). I wonder if the BBC radiophonic workshop would have predated the W. Carlos thing?

09-May-08 06:56 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Just curious, but does anyone know a piece of music that's made exclusively on vocoder? Since it's so flexible an instrument (at least potentially) that should be a really intriguing sound.

09-May-08 05:40 PM

Pete Crosby    Said...

Great musicians but tone deaf general public.

What kind of day can this be when I can see Scooter push Madonna of the No.1 slot?

Are the UK public saying Scooter is better than Madonna?

I am not sure whether to laugh or cry.

You see this is why I write music for me, if someone else likes it then thats cool.

12-May-08 02:55 AM

diz    Said...

This is getting very UK-centric, and the opening chat.....yawn

12-May-08 11:40 AM

Nick B    Said...

dlz, i think we talked about a single UK specific issue... Was this really what you were complaining about?

As we're based in the UK I dont think that it's that awful of us

13-May-08 05:29 AM

DJ Condra (ALDJ)    Said...

Haha Mark Tinley is so proud of his IQ. Kinda sad/weird but funny.

I LOVE the podcast.

More Noneric please! He is my favourite!

Dave Robinson- Glad you enjoyed your time in Ireland!

Hey please keep up the good work!

13-May-08 10:38 PM

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