Wigerdal's World #4

More Obsolete Electronica (And a musical ape)      12/05/08

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2:21 mins
Valkommen to the lo-fi World of Wigerdal...Or is it Planet Of The Apes?
Hmmm…Could be, who knows?
Yep, it’s time for more krazy space-age fun from our very own
Stockholm correspondent Mats Wigerdal.
This week he digs even deeper into his bizarre collection of junk
(er, I mean musical instruments) to show us his very own personal
pocket calculator with attitude, the cuddly ol’ Casio VL Tone.

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beej    Said...

The VL-Tone was my first ever instrument, and was responsible for me getting into music and synths - I loved that thing (I still have mine, although the display doesn't work).

I still think the One-Finger Play feature in the sequencer was a genious feature that they should implement in modern sequencers...

Da da da...

That organ-playing monkey is giving me nightmares... ;)

14-May-08 06:44 AM

Kerzwhile    Said...

That was absolutely hilarious!!!! You guys rule! That organ monkey was classic!! You need to start a whole new series on the organ monkey! Just for fun!! This site is the best!!!!

17-May-08 09:42 AM

Simon Power    Said...

Thanks, Kerzwhile. As Mr. Wigerdal has often said: "There is no escape...From the ape...on tape." :)

19-May-08 04:20 AM

Mubo    Said...

i love mine! weird that he didnt get into the ADSR function..thats where this lil unit shines!

also.. yea i agree with the other person who posted THE ONE FINGER SEQ. CONTROL NEEDS TO BE IMPLEMENTED IN OTHER THINGS .... it's simply bad ass

05-Jun-08 10:51 AM

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