Top 20 Weirdest Instruments - Episode 4

The Tenori-on and the Synthi 100      13/05/08

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6:30 mins
As we climb higher up our countdown we get deeper and deeper into the fascinating world of weird instruments.
You’ve probably seen all the exclusive footage, reviews and write-ups on Sonic State about Yamaha’s Tenori-on, and this episode the dinky little chap gets a well deserved place on our chart at number 14.
There’s also footage of the uber – rare EMS Synthi 100 as we chat to Chris Simpson about the FX Group renovation of Digitana. And what with the Electronium-Scott and the Waterphone it’s a pretty packed show as we continue to chart the Top 20 Weirdest Instruments…Ever!

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Marc JX8P    Said...

I was really starting to miss this series, good to see it's back! I'm not so sure what's weird about the Synthi 100 - but what a magnificent synth! I can only imagine how difficult it must be to set up and comprehend what is going on when you've set up lots of patchings in those matrixes.

15-May-08 12:54 PM

Nick B    Said...

its less of a synth and more of a scientific instrument - I'd forgotten about that footage until I saw it on this episode - amazing

15-May-08 03:26 PM

Simon Power    Said...

Great stuff, Marc. Glad you're enjoying the series. There's more 'uniquely fascinating' synths to come later on in the chart with lots of exclusive footage!

16-May-08 03:36 AM

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