New SonicPlayer Launched

It’s a bit like a tv....      15/05/08

Go watch..
We’re always looking for ways to improve the viewing experience here, so we thought we’d run this new player by you. We’ve designed it so that you can access more of our content in a channel-ized sort of way. It also makes leaving comments on each video more immediate and accessible. We’re not thinking of replacing our usual video playback system, just offering another way to view. No doubt, there will be some additional features added and improvements etc. Click here to see the sonicplayer
Let us know what you think by leaving your feedback on this page.
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Karplus    Said...

Only problem is with the color choice. The background is black and the text for shows is in dark blue. Maybe use some more yellows and light blues.

15-May-08 10:01 AM

Nick B    Said...

Interesting, text shouldnt be blue! it's gray on my monitor- what OS/Browser are you using?

15-May-08 10:35 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Looks very nice! The non-scalable width might be a problem though for people who have a screen width of 1024 or less, though as that would just remove a bit of the comments section that wouldn't be that much of a problem I guess. I really like the layout and the colouring, looks very good. The lettering for the shows in question appear to me as light grey on black. When you hover over a show, the background gets inverted to white while the lettering stays light gray - this is a little bit hard to read but not really that much of an issue. In short, great work!

15-May-08 01:02 PM

MPS    Said...


16-May-08 07:51 AM

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