AES08: BIAS Launches Peak Pro XT 6

Extended technology edition offers advanced mastering, analysis & restoration tools plus DDP 2.0 export      19/05/08

AES08: BIAS Launches Peak Pro XT 6

BIAS, Inc. have launched Peak Pro XT 6 - the extended technology edition of the award-winning pro audio editing, batch file processing, mastering, and delivery software for Mac OS X. Peak Pro XT 6 includes all the new features in Peak Pro 6 plus the entire suite of audio mastering, processing and restoration plug-ins from BIAS. Peak Pro XT 6 also includes DDP (Disc Description Protocol) Export - allowing users to create 100% compliant DDP 2.0 file sets complete with CD-TEXT. Jason E. Davies, VP of Sales a& Marketing for BIAS, told us, "We're thrilled to launch Peak Pro XT 6 at AES. As a comprehensive solution for stereo sample editing, processing, restoration, mastering, and delivery on the Mac, Peak Pro XT 6 offers audio engineers unparalleled value - without compromising power and audio fidelity."
Over 100 new features and enhancements have been implemented in Peak Pro 6 since version 5 - all of which are included in Peak Pro XT 6. Here's some of the details directly from BIAS...
  • Advanced Playlist Editing, Mastering & Delivery: Peak Pro & XT 6 offers many improvements over previous editions including: customizable volume envelopes; improved cross-fade editing optimized for "classical" take-style editing as well as overlapping tracks for mastering compilations; PQ sheet export of custom playlist reports (including track durations, index points, CD-TEXT, notes, etc.); Metadata editing; Podcast publishing; FLAC and MP2 file format support; iTunes integration; many user interface improvements and more.
  • Editing, Processing & Sound Design Power: Editing in Peak Pro & XT 6 is faster than ever when using the new "Cache In RAM" feature - effectively eliminating disk access bottlenecks by loading files into RAM. For sound design, Peak Pro & XT 6 includes many new features such as: Change Pitch & Convolve envelopes; Vbox plug-in matrix cross-synthesis (featuring mix, vocode, modulate and more); algorithmic selection for Change Duration (music or voice); Voiceover Ducking (automatically lowers music volume during voiceover); and more.
  • Perpetual Looper DSP: Partial Harmonic Audio Technology (PHAT) from BIAS, provides the algorithm for Perpetual Looper - a new frequency domain approach to creating "beat-free" sustained loops of monophonic material. Using proprietary additive synthesis, partials are separated from residuals and morphing may be adjusted to smooth transitions between loop points - ideal for creating or perfecting sampled instrument libraries.
  • Dither Cloning Audio Technology (DCAT): Since version 5, Peak Pro has offered one of the very best sample rate conversion algorithms available - USRC (Ultimate Sample Rate Conversion), which helped re-define standards for final stage processing and real time audio playback quality. New for Peak Pro XT 6 is an advanced dither modeling system from BIAS known as DCAT. When performing bit-depth reduction (e.g. 32-bits to 24-bits), a process known as dithering is employed in professional audio applications to avoid audio distortion as a result of truncation. There are currently several popular dithering technologies from various developers - all with their own adherents. DCAT features real time preview and offers precision modeling of the most popular dithering systems available while also allowing users control over the noise shape frequency and attenuation.
  • Extended Technology: Peak Pro XT 6 includes full editions of the highly acclaimed SoundSoap & SoundSoap Pro plug-ins for audio noise reduction and restoration, Master Perfection Suite - a collection of 6 AU, RTAS & VST plug-ins for analysis (Reveal), linear-phase multi-band dynamics (Sqweez-3 & -5), linear-phase spectral matching (Repli-Q), pitch correction/transposition (PitchCraft), 4,6,8 & 10-band paragraphic EQ (SuperFreq), and a gate with downward expander (GateEx) - plus DDP 2.0 Export making Peak Pro XT 6 the ultimate comprehensive solution for stereo sample editing, mastering, restoration & delivery on the Mac.
Pricing and Availability:
Peak Pro XT 6 is available now for $1199 US SRP through authorized BIAS resellers and distributors worldwide. Registered users of previous pro editions of Peak may cross-grade to Peak Pro XT 6 for just $499 US. Peak Pro 6 is also available for $599 US SRP as is Peak LE 6 for $129 US SRP. More information:

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