Logic Pro Update

Version 8.0.2 addresses specific customer and compatibility issues      21/05/08
Logic Pro Update

Apple have posted an update for Logic Pro. Here’s what they have to say about version 8.0.2…
This Logic Pro 8.0.2 update addresses specific customer and compatibility issues of Logic Pro 8.0. It includes Wavebuner 1.5.2 and Impulse Response Utility 1.0.2, which address issues for Waveburner 1.5 and Impulse Response Utility 1.0 respectively.
If you are using Logic Node you will need to update your Logic Node application on connected computers as well. After running the updater you will find an updated Logic Node installer called Logic Node 8.0.2.dmg in your Utilities folder.
This update is recommended for all Logic Pro 8.0 users.
Pricing and Availability:
Free download for users. More information:
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    beej    Said...

    Very good update for me. Fixed many (though not all) of my most irksome bugs.

    Great job on the fix list as well, though it is not complete (there are fixes in 8.0.2 that are not listed in the fix list.)

    21-May-08 06:08 PM

    Nick B    Said...

    I'm going to try it, but I'm still not comfortable with Logic 8 - in part mainly to fact that you can't import your key commands from earlier versions of Logic - how could they miss that one???

    I find the layout much less intuitive and cluttered, even though you can break off the windows - it's just another bunch of things to do before it becomes a familliar environment. I cant see any great benefits that 8 has to offer that make it worth taking on.

    22-May-08 02:59 AM

    beej    Said...

    > in part mainly to fact that you can't import your key commands from earlier versions of Logic - how could they miss that one??

    Eh..? You can import your old key commands wihout problems. I'm happily using my own key commands which were in my existing LP7 preferences which LP8 picked up on fine.

    There is also an import key commands option, you can load in your existing preferences, and you can even save sets of key commands and switch between.

    There are one of two key collisions that might need changing - for instance, the tab key can no longer be assigned to key commands, but in the main, everything's fine.

    8 does have many benefits - sample accurate editing, it sounds better, recording directly from busses, a way way better compressor, some funky new plugins, many Ultrabeat imporvements like full window pattern editing, parameter sequencing, the whole comping feature, and a whole boat load of small but good workflow improvements.

    Ok, so it looks a little toy-like compared to previous versions, and it's the first version of Logic to look significantly different to Logic 1.x, but in general, and apart from the bugs (many of which have ben tackled in 8.0.2), it's a great app...

    22-May-08 08:49 AM

    Nick B    Said...

    Hmm, thats really wierd, I could not import my key commands, maybe iI need to go back and look at that - it will make the world of difference....

    22-May-08 10:51 AM

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