A New Tool For Composers And Sound Designers

Heavyocity announce their Evolve virtual instrument      27/05/08

A New Tool For Composers And Sound Designers

Evolve is a new powered by Kontakt 2 virtual instrument created by the TV and videogame composers of Heavy Melody Music & Sound Design who believe that it supercharges creativity and streamlines productivity for modern composers and sound designers. They tell us that Evolve doesn’t just contain the typical instruments and sounds that form the foundation of most composers’ setups. Instead, it accentuates them with a powerful combination of diverse percussion, massive stings/transitions, and evocative tonalities in ways that have never been heard before.
About Heavyocity Media, Inc.
Friends and collaborators since 1989, Berklee College of Music alumni Dave Fraser and Neil Goldberg formed Heavy Melody Music & Sound Design in 2003. Over the years, they’ve worked with a vast range of clients such as the NFL, Sony, GE, Gillette, Atari, Obsidian Entertainment, NBC, Discovery Channel, and many others.
Audio for these organizations must sound top-notch and be produced quickly to meet tight deadlines. This requires Dave and Neil to engage technology to its fullest and always keep up with the latest trends. In recent years, the need for a virtual instrument that could deliver unique, world-class sound in a more efficient and inspiring manner became evident. This led to the formation of Heavyocity and its launch title Evolve.
“Evolve is the creative tool we’ve always wanted,� says Heavyocity visionary Dave Fraser, “It’s going to make people realize there’s are different way to do things.“ Heayvocity co-founder Neil Goldberg adds, “As soon as you dive into Evolve, its power and potential to inspire creativity will be clear.�
Rounding out Heavyocity’s creative team are Composers/Sound Designers Ari Winters and Mark Kauffman. Ari holds a masters degree in Entertainment Technology from Carnegie Mellon and previously worked for Treyarch/Activision. Mark earned his degree in Commercial Music from Florida State and has an extensive background in audio production and creation for mixed media.
With more virtual instruments on the way, Evolve is only the beginning for Heavyocity.
Pricing and Availability:
Evolve, available for Mac and PC (AU, VST, RTAS, DXi and standalone) is scheduled to ship in May of 2008. It will be packaged with Native Instruments Kontakt 2 Player. The MSRP is $399 USD. More information:
  • www.heavyocity.com

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