AES08: Brothers Grimm Wow Audio World

Fabulous bespoke AD and clock source      27/05/08

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Grimm Audio is a collaboration between four of the Netherlands´ best known audio engineers: Bruno Putzeys, Guido Tent, Peter van Willenswaard and Eelco Grimm, with the explicit aim of consolidating their collective competences into the most transparent recording and reproduction equipment possible. With that in mind they have created several high-end audio products in the digital field (as well as a dedicated tube mic power supply) The AD1 is a 1-bit converter operating at 2.8224MHz and is designed for the conversion of audio to the SACD format. The CC1 Grimm Master Clock was the result of research into how to make a clock source as stable as possible. This research turned up a surprising array of previously underestimated performance factors like power supply noise, oscillator control circuit noise and low-level crosstalk. Owing to a radically redesigned discrete crystal oscillator, clock stability betters that of even the best test equipment available.

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