LIMS08: Check Out the Juno Stage

Big keyboard, loads of sounds      17/06/08

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14:6 mins
Rolands' new Juno Stage takes the budget Juno history and applies it to the stage scenario - at least thats the idea. With longer keys for more expressiveness, a piano mode to access a pile of accoustic and electric pianos, MIDI file and MP3 playback, arpeggiator and drum backing modes, you might just find that this keyboard can supply the bulk of your keyboard sounds in a live situation. Demonstrated by John Maul - who's an experienced gigging musician - currently playing with 80's acts on the Here and Now revival tour.


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shekhar dhain    Said...

maybe its me, but it seems roland's more cheaper- not in the quality sense- products such as this and the gw-8 provide FAR MORE bang for the buck and are easier to use overall.

Great demo and thanks yet again, guys

17-Jun-08 07:41 AM

Sven from Spain    Said...

The presentation is actually very good,and so seems this keyboard,but why oh why didn´t they first release this one over the Juno-G?It seems like Roland is splitting off so many products,instead of combining for instance the two together?

17-Jun-08 03:28 PM

Matt    Said...

I hate that guy on the Roland commercial when he shifts the keyboards to the side.

19-Jun-08 12:33 PM

Matt    Said...

I hate that keyboard shifting guy on the Roland commercial

19-Jun-08 12:33 PM

Mafew    Said...

I hate that keyboard shifting guy on the Roland commercial

19-Jun-08 12:34 PM

R. Wendt / Brasil    Said...

Where are the organ patches??

29-Sep-08 01:00 PM

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