DrumCore Rock Drums

Submersible Music ships DrumCore ROCK, featuring loops and kits by famous rock drummers      25/06/08

DrumCore Rock Drums

Submersible Music has started shipping a new version of its DrumCore drum software. The company tell us that DrumCore ROCK is tailored to the needs of rock songwriters and musicians and covers everything from basic "meat and tater" beats to furious, double-kicking metal frenzy.
Here’s all the details taken directly from the Submersible Music press release:
Grooves and Sounds By Pro Rock Drummers – Not Faceless Beats and Generic Sounds
DrumCore ROCK includes audio loops, fills and variations plus drum kit sounds by well known rock drummers including: Matt Sorum (Guns 'N Roses, Velvet Revolver), Terry Bozzio (Jeff Beck, Zappa, UK, Missing Persons), Ben Smith (Heart), John Tempesta (White Zombie, Testament, Helmet), Alan White (John Lennon, Yes) and Zoro (Lenny Kravitz). Most performances are recorded at multiple BPMs, since drummers play very differently based on tempo.
DrumCore ROCK includes a full version of the award-winning DrumCore application. DrumCore gives you everything you need to make great drum tracks.
DrumCore ROCK Features:
  • Integrated Groove Librarian
    Finding the right beat is a snap as DrumCore ROCK lets you search by Drummer, Style, Feel (like Shuffles, 1/8ths, etc.), core BPM range and other criteria. Users can change criteria (create a new "style" for example) and enter their own comments for searching. It is a great tool for organizing audio and MIDI libraries. Also content is organized into "GrooveSets", featuring a basic groove with variations and fills that support standard song structure (intros, verse, chorus, etc.).
  • Drag and Drop Simplicity
    Getting beats into your songs is simple. Just drag the audio or MIDI file to a track in your main recording application (such as Acid, Cubase, GarageBand, Logic, Live, Pro Tools or Sonar).
  • Drum Loops, Fills and Variations in Both Audio and MIDI Format
    Whether you prefer the simplicity and authenticity of audio loops or the versatility of MIDI, DrumCore ROCK has you covered. All audio (both loops and MIDI drum sounds) are 48kHz/24 bit for better fidelity.
  • MIDI Drum Instrument
    DrumCore ROCK includes the same MIDI drum instrument as DrumCore. You get instant access to the sounds of these great rock drummers plus the ability to mix-and-match components (snares, kicks, etc.) to create hybrid kits. For example, you might combine Matt Sorum's thunderous kick with Zoro's snappy snare and Alan White?s awesome China cymbals. As this is a full version of DrumCore, you can even create your own drumkits from scratch using .WAV and AIFF files!
  • The "Gabrielizer" – fuel for the creative process
    DrumCore?s ?Gabrielizer? technology intelligently generates variations on audio or MIDI content based on a set of "drummer rules". Gabrielized files can be saved back into your library and/or exported to your digital audio workstation (DAW).
  • DrummerPack Expansion
    Need more grooves? Choose from over 25 DrummerPack expansion packs that can extend your DrumCore library and fuel your creative fire. Select from Submersible Music content or content from major loop and sound library companies like Big Fish Audio, Sonic Reality and Drums On Demand. Whether rocking with Matt Cameron (Soundgarden) and Bun E Carlos (Cheap Trick) or exploring jazz, reggae and Latin styles – DrummerPacks have you covered.
Pricing and Availability:
DrumCore ROCK for PC (XP and Vista) and Macintosh (G4, G5 and Intel, Mac OS 10.3.9 thru 10.5.3) is available via the DrumCore website and selected dealers for $99 (USD street price). More information, audio and video demos, and demo version:
  • www.submersiblemusic.com

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