SNAMM08: SanGreal: Mighty Fine Acoustic Instrument Amps

Gotta say, these look pretty darn good      30/06/08

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It was right at the very end of the Namm Show, Sunday afternoon around 4pm, and I thought I'd shot my last news item until I almost literally stumbled over an interesting looking amplifier as I was packing up my kit. Behind it on the SanGreal stand was the impressively-coiffured Barry Grzebik (hey, I'm just sour cos I ain't got no hair left ;-) Despite the lights going off and the carpet being ripped up around us, he gave me a quick run-through of the amp - and pretty impressive it was, too. See, I'm an ex-very-noisy-guitarist - and back in the day when I was treading the boards, we scoffed at the idea that acoustic guitarists should ever get their hands on the kinda raw wattage we used to eat before breakfast.
But hey, things change - and this thing kicks serious butt. And it sounds sweet as a Krispy Kreme too!
It has a supercharged bass driver and a ribbon tweeter, both fed 200W, and as well as the interchangeable pre-amp sections, the really neat thing is it can take a line feed and act as your monitor wedge too. Cool. Only it's maybe a bit too nice to wanna put yer foot on it and wig-out. Andy Mac

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