Youtube Introduces New (Bad) Audio Process

Quality suffers, there's a picture..      06/08/08
Youtube Introduces New (Bad) Audio Process

I recently saw this article (New YouTube Audio Compression Stymies Uploaders) over at by Eliot Van Buskir which confirmed that the audio processing algorithm at Youtube had been tweaked. This is resulting in poor quality audio and frankly is pissing a lot of people off. Theories are that this is a move to try and create a more standard audio experience - like FM or a TV station - each video being pretty much at the same level, or perhaps it’s an attempt to try and cap the bandwidth costs, which of course must be astronomical - even our meager video offerings are multiple terrabytes per month. But it's hard to understand how tweaking the audio processing would make that much difference. Either way, it’s playing havoc with the audio quality, and sounds like a really brutal and inexperienced application of heavy digital limiting with additional clipping from say a 1st generation budget digital console.. If you take a look at these waveform views of audio after Youtubing, you’ll see that it appears to inflict quite a severe envelope to the sound. As well as the bad limiting, there’s been some clipping introduced, which of course is not good. It sounds like they need to or apply a two stage compression – say 3-5:1 then the hard limiting but keeping the peaks BELLOW 0dB – either that or just leave the darned thing alone! There are apparently work-arounds for this:
Sopranoguitar, who started this thread on the Youtube forums, suggests that you bring down the volume to peak at –3 dB, then add a hi-frequency (he uses 19kHz) sine wave to about -4 to –6dB which will then keep the dynamic range intact. The sine wave is not audible once it has been through the down-sampling process and the additional overall average level helps maintain the dynamics of a track. However this is a major PITA and is bound discourage people to whom audio quality is important – eg musicians and er, almost everyone who’s not posting videos of cats in trees from uploading. So what do we do about it? Well, complain for one - you can add your voice to the list here:
Youtube Community Forums or by Digging either this article or this one on Or you can find alternative accommodation for your stuff, Vimeo seems to offer a good service as do Blip.TV, but we’d like to encourage you (of course!) to try our own Sonicstate.TV site it being dedicated to electronic music making videos. Indeed we've added stereo sound as standard and 16:9 handling for widescreen or HD users. Nick Batt


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madmax    Said...

When reading this, my thought was it's some kind of anti-piracy thing.

PS Nick, you never replied to the message I sent about a potential product mention in the news section.

06-Aug-08 08:11 AM

Nick B    Said...

Anti piracy. How so? It's strange you should say that because it would appear that properly processed/mastered audio seems to fare better - which means pirated stuff has a better chance of sounding good, which is a strange way to combat it.

(sorry about the mail - can you resend?)

06-Aug-08 08:32 AM

madmax    Said...

Since there's ways to download the videos off Youtube, the bad audio quality would discourage people from downloading copyrighted videos. It might also discourage people from putting the stuff on there in the first place.

The other item was submitted through the SS online contact form page.

06-Aug-08 10:22 AM

Trus1te    Said...

As far as I am concerned YouTube is a new audio effects processor. I am going to have to upload some drum samples and make a YouTube Bogus Compression Pack.

Any requests?

06-Aug-08 11:35 AM

Old Bat Ears    Said...

Sure u can rip vids from youtube, but audio is so bad anyway being mono and a very low bitrate/khz rate it's not gonna affect audio sales anyway, so to ruin it even further is very silly. There's a lot of audio producers out there that like to get their work heard (as a promo as it were) to help with audio sales. Doing this to the audio has done them no favours.

08-Aug-08 05:30 AM

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