MPC5000 Video Overview

We take a look at Akai's flagship MPC      07/08/08

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10:57 mins
MPC5000 Over View From Musotalk
Exclusive translation Its a first for us, we’re hooking up with our friends over at, a German language video site – you may know of Noneric who’s a regular guest on our podcasts, to bring you this overview of the latest Akai flagship MPC device, the MPC5000. MPC5000
Launched at this year's Winter NAMM, it builds on the legacy of the MPC2500 adding 8 audio tracks and an 8-voice analog synthesizer. There is more besides, but I'll let Noneric from MusoTalk tell you more.... It's worth noting that this MPC does have certain limitations - the main one being the maximum sample rate and bit-depth seems to be stuck in the last century at 16Bit and 44.1kHz, and the maximum RAM is a measly 192MB. However, many people just cant get enough of the MPC way of working so may not mind these limitations. Pricing Available for $2499 from:
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Bernard    Said...

Great review, thanks Noneric

08-Aug-08 11:31 AM

Taxis    Said...

Just blaze gives an unsolicited review of this instrument. Its less than favorable.

08-Aug-08 11:26 PM

Nick B    Said...

Ouch - yeah I saw that one. He really let rip on that didnt he. Worth a read.

09-Aug-08 02:14 AM

Bernard    Said...

Yep, saw that blazing paddles stuff before.

Did you notice the INPUT THRU button (at 3.04 on the Vid). Looks like it is broken or jammed, I doubt it is a rocker switch.

09-Aug-08 06:41 AM

Robbie Ryan    Said...

That was a very thorough review...I have listened to a lot of Noneric's podcasts and videos in German, and you can figure it out, even with the language barrier.

09-Aug-08 02:41 PM

GNeuman    Said...

What is the point of these types of machines? I mean, I love outboard equipment (all my synths and effects are outboard) but for recording, surely a DAW beats this archiac box hands down??

What's the attraction of some rubber pads and a black and white mouse cinema LCD screen?

The thing looks about 10 years out of date..

I've never understood the attraction of these MPCs, and this box really seems like a pile of garbage..


10-Aug-08 04:29 AM

topio    Said...

just try one you ll understand ... It s INTUITIVE

It helps you to create fast.

Much more faster than on a computer.

I have the 5000 & despite some little bugs it s a great machine.

11-Aug-08 07:12 AM

shekhar dhain    Said...

I concurr. Hardware is intuitively faster - most of the time- to use creatively, than a pc or mac set up, simply by small virtue of being specifically designed to do nothing other than to create music.

This is where rackmount versions of some gear fail, but that's for another time..

14-Aug-08 03:53 PM

Slik dA Relic    Said...

RS fo' life bitches!!!

da relic

22-Aug-08 09:51 AM

anthony    Said...

nice review, he needs to do more reviews in english

24-Aug-08 10:35 AM

anthony    Said...

nice review, he needs all his reviews in english

24-Aug-08 10:36 AM

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