Sample-Synth Player Now Available For Pro Tools

Samplebase releases Satellite for RTAS      08/08/08

Sample-Synth Player Now Available For Pro Tools

Samplebase has announced the release of its Satellite sample-synth player software for the Digidesign RTAS plug-in format. It is already available in VST and AU formats. They say that Pro Tools users can now log on to, download a wide variety of high quality loops, multisampled instruments and one-shot samples and load them into Satellite RTAS for use in their sessions.
Here’s the Samplebase press release…
Two Flavors
There are two versions of Satellite offered for RTAS, the free version and the “Pro� version. The free version, simply called Satellite, offers a straightforward interface that lets users load Samplebase sound sets called SoundBlocks. Eight pre-programmed Quick Edit knobs allow the user to control parameters such as filter cutoff, resonance, amp envelope, delay effect, reverb settings, or more, depending on the SoundBlock. Users of the free version may load their own REX and Wav/Aif samples as well.
Customers may upgrade to Satellite Pro, which allows them much deeper access to more advanced synth parameters, effects, and a keymapping section for building custom SoundBlocks. The Keymap section offers auto-mapping, batch processing and crossfade looping. Satellite and Satellite Pro utilize advanced lossless compression techniques to maximize sound quality, processing speed, and memory. Both are also 16 part multi-timbral, useful for multi-track sessions using one instance of Satellite, and for complex layering of sounds and loops.
Both versions of Satellite have the same sample-based synth engine with automatic tempo detection and host sync, plus tempo, time and pitch stretching. Pro users have access to three multistage (ADSTR) envelopes, 10 filter types with resonance, three syncable LFOs and more. Samplebase Offers “Inspiration On Demand� is a website dedicated to offering thousands of high quality, downloadable, pre-mapped Loops, Phrases, and Multisampled Instruments that cater to today’s “wired� musician. All of the samples are vetted and approved by Samplebase’s team of professionals, assuring consistently high levels of musicality and authenticity. The samples are arranged into SoundBlocks, that range in price from $19 to $39, and are arranged logically into categories on the Samplebase website. They vary in size up to 200 megabytes. The site also features video tutorials and product spotlights, artist profiles, and extensive user forums. All SoundBlocks are programmed for Samplebase’s exclusive AU/VST/RTAS or stand-alone sample-synth players Satellite and Satellite Pro.
Samplebase operates in partnership with music software and soundware distributor, ILIO.
Pricing and Availability:
Satellite is free.
Satellite Pro is $149
. More information:

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