Synthogy Ships Ivory Upright Pianos

Four piano collection available later this month      18/08/08

Synthogy Ships Ivory Upright Pianos

ILIO has announced the release of Synthogy’s Ivory-Upright Pianos virtual instrument. Announced back inApril, Upright Pianos features four different sampled instruments, capturing every key in up to 10 velocities using time-tested methods developed exclusively by Synthogy. Upright Pianos is a complete virtual instrument that includes Synthogy’s proprietary Ivory piano engine.
The four pianos included are a new Yamaha U5 upright, a well-preserved 1914 Hume upright, an early 1900’s tack piano, with genuine tacks in the hammer felts, and a 1915 Packard Honky-Tonk piano, which spent many years in Boston’s famed Cheers bar. Synthogy say that Upright Pianos was designed to be versatile, appealing to musicians interested in alternative rock, pop, country, folk, blues and period music.
Synthogy co-founder and Uprights producer Joe Ierardi, told us, “Ivory-Upright Pianos is the perfect departure from the grand piano virtual instruments we’re known for. In some ways it was even more challenging to produce than Ivory or Italian Grand because these four pianos had so much personality and nuance to capture. But we’re thrilled with the results, and we think our customers, who for years have been asking us to make an upright piano instrument, will be very satisfied.�
Ivory-Upright Pianos Features:
  • Includes the Ivory piano engine
  • Four different hand-selected pianos
  • Separate, selectable “creaks and clunksâ€� layer, for added realism
  • Over 5,000 samples, and over 50 GB
  • Up to 10 velocity layers
  • Custom upright soundboard emulation DSP
  • Velocity and time sensitive release samples
  • Full EQ and Effects section
Ivory-Upright Pianos is a virtual instrument that works as a plug-in for Windows VST and RTAS hosts, and Macintosh Audio Units, VST, and RTAS hosts. It can also run stand-alone. The Ivory piano engine, designed and created by Synthogy’s George Taylor, is now included with all Synthogy products, i.e., Ivory-Upright Pianos, Ivory-Grand Pianos, and Ivory-Italian Grand.
Ivory-Grand Pianos, Ivory-Italian Grand, and Ivory-Upright Pianos are being distributed in North America by ILIO.
Pricing and Availability:
Upright Pianos will be shipping on August 25, 2008 and will retail for $299. All Synthogy products require iLokâ„¢ (sold separately).
More information:

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