New Allen & Heath Software

iLive editor and v1.3 software launched      04/09/08

New Allen & Heath Software

Allen & Heath has released v1.3 software for the iLive digital console range, adding a host of new features for monitor engineering, as well as providing a platform for iLive Editor control software.
New features in v1.3 include engineers’ fader strips for wedge and in-ears, which allow separate fader control and dedicated outputs to the operator’s listen wedge and IEM personal system. Optional processing and aux monitor mixes can be assigned to wedge or IEM strips, automatically appearing in the desired monitor when auditioned.
Another key feature is the addition of Real Time Analyser (RTA) to enable the engineer to quickly identify feedback, tune room acoustics, and tailor the onstage monitor wedges. Accessed via the PAFL system, the frequency content of any input or mix, and the spectrum of the main mix, can be viewed on screen and on meters in the Graphic EQ flip-to-fader view.
v1.3 has new Allen & Heath designed FX types, Symphonic Chorus, the popular 80’s chorus with vox and strings presets, and Hypabass, a sub-harmonic synthesis unit to generate infra and sub-bass spectrum from a weaker bass programme.
The software also allows Allen & Heath’s range of PL remote controllers to be used with the iLive system. Connected to the Surface and MixRack via CAT5 cable and configured from the TouchScreen, the ‘plug ‘n play’ devices control mixes, mutes, levels, scene recalls and selections.
At the forthcoming PLASA show, Allen & Heath will be unveiling its iLive Editor control software, a computer-based control suite offering all of the key facilities of the iLive surface, as well as the convenience of a high resolution display to see multiple information panels simultaneously. The Java-based program enables engineers to easily configure show settings or make changes to existing shows online, or offline to save and upload later. TCP/IP connectivity makes live channel mixing and processing possible over CAT5 or WIFI, so different tasks can be managed in the Editor software and the iLive Surface simultaneously.
iLive Editor also includes quick channel strip labelling and colour-coding, as well as a drag and drop utility to arrange surface strips in banks and layers, and simple show, library, and scene management. Configuration of mono/stereo channels, group, aux, matrix and main outputs, along with input and output socket assignments, and FX rack settings can be managed within Editor.
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