Nord Stage EX Improvements

Makeover, more memory.      16/09/08
Nord Stage EX Improvements

We just received a note from those lovely fellows at Clavia who make the Nord Stage – it’s undergone a little transformation, both cosmetically and what lies beneath the hood.
    Changes are:
  • Increased memory capacity for the piano samples. The EX units have twice the internal memory capacity compared to the previous models, an increase from 128 to 256 MB.
  • The front panel sports a new color scheme.
  • The EX 88 and EX 76 models have labels printed on the front panel upper rim to indicate the position and function of the rear panel jacks.
The release of the Nord Stage EX will be accompanied by the release of a new grand piano, the Yamaha mk2 XL version, with more additions to the downloadable Nord Piano Library to come in the following months. Any additions to the Piano Library will also be compatible with the previous Nord Stage units.


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Pat Frazer    Said...

I have a Nord Stage 76, and I bought it to avoid the frustration of my “old� Yamaha Motif ES8 experience… (When they came up with The Motif EX8, wich is the SAME MACHINE than the ES8!! They like to makes you feel cheap to own the “old� model…Than you have to spend 4000$ for the new one, and you loose 2000$ value with your old keyboard…At least if it could worth it, but The F/$%?gn Motif EX8 was the SAME!) I was thinking that Clavia was different! But its the same!! 1000$$ more for 256mg of RAM!!?????? Nothing more!! Its ridiculous!! A guitarist can bye an old Fender and resell it, 1000$ more, 10 years later!! What can we do, to stop spending money on that stupid keyboard technology!! I was thinkinf use a Doepfer controller(They never change the model) With a Macbookpro… At least you only have to change the laptop after some times…

03-Dec-08 01:36 PM

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