Podcast: Sonic TALK099 - International Dance Party

The voice, Transient Designers, M3 Xpanded and more      18/09/08

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50:1 mins
Here we go, just one more before 100. I'm wrestling with the technology for the live show next week. Whatever transpires, you can find it at Sonicstate.com/live. This week we the wanderer returns in the form of Dave Robinson editor of Pro Sound News Europe after his three month sabbatical traveling around the world. Also with me are Dave Spiers from GForce Software, PJ Tracy Minneapolean studio owner and top player and Rich Hilton on the eve of heading to Rotterdam for a Chic gig and Mark Tinley who's just got an iPhone. First up we remember the voice of Don LaFontaine, Mr movie trailer himself, then we ponder the SPL Transient Designer which seems to be used so much these days, another brief spell remembering Richard Wright keyboard player with Pink Floyd, the wonderful International Dance Party machine and other party machinery and finally the Korg M3 Xpanded and other workstationery. Remember... Do Call Us We’ve set up a Skype account for people to leave comments (which may be played on subsequent episodes) or requests to be considered for a part on the show. You can contact using the Skype handle 'sonictalk' or if you want to use the phone, our number in the US is:

US Tel: (312) 376-8089
Intl: 001 312 376-8089

UK: +44 (0)20 7870 8616


Even more news...

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www.soundclick.com/GuruOne    Said...

Boss, the mp3 seems a bit stuffed



18-Sep-08 03:15 AM

nick b    Said...

Should all be fixed now, sorry about that!

18-Sep-08 08:18 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great podcast - looking forward to next week! I'll try and be there.

18-Sep-08 02:34 PM

www.soundclick.com/GuruOne    Said...

Yup. All good now. I'll be there too



ps. YOU MUST NOT PLAY THIS GAME!!!!! http://fantasticcontraption.com/?designId=1784936 (my example sol'n)

So goddam addictive it ain't funny

18-Sep-08 03:40 PM

Howard    Said...

Arr, me hearties!

You guys deserve to be gently keelhauled for not mentioning "Talk Like a Pirate Day" this year (September 19th)

21-Sep-08 03:00 AM

Michael T    Said...

If you're interested in trying out Transient Designer ype plugin: http://www.stillwellaudio.com/

Check out the Transient Monster - the price is right and the demo doesn't have any limitations.

21-Sep-08 08:56 PM

Don    Said...

Surely the song for the musical loo seat would be Big Log by Robert Plant?

23-Sep-08 02:12 AM

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