Minimal DJ Library For Download

Cluster Sound launches Minus Clockwork      24/09/08

Minimal DJ Library For Download

Cluster Sound has launched Minus Clockwork which they describe as a minimal DJ library available for download. Here’s how they describe it…
820 Mb of concrete machine sounds, vocodized and granular beats, glitch patterns, warm low frequencies, voice loops, synth & bass instruments and much more. This elegant collection consists of 865 worldclass quality WAV loops and samples, 420 REX2 loops, 1080 Ableton Live instruments and compatibility patches. These punchy loops are built around ususual structures and allow you to create particular rhythms in few steps, the sliced versions (REX - Live DRacks) guarantee you easy manipulation and re-structuring. Minus Clockwork is the right choice for minimal productions or to add a mechanic soul to your House and Tech tracks.
  • Size: 820 Mb (Zip: 620 Mb)
  • Content: 865 WAV / 420 Rex2 / 1080 instruments
  • 60 Minus kick loops (WAV/REX)
  • 60 Minus Snare loops (WAV/REX)
  • 60 Minus Upbeat HHat loops (WAV/REX)
  • 120 Dclock Beat loops (WAV/REX/Dracks)
  • 120 Dclock Boxed loops (WAV/REX/Dracks)
  • 100 Dclock Metal loops (WAV/REX/Dracks)
  • 88 Dclock Roller loops (WAV/REX/Dracks)
  • 120 Dclock Noise loops (WAV/REX/Dracks)
  • 60 Dclock Sound loops (WAV/REX/Dracks)
  • 80 Dclock Lower loops (WAV/REX/Dracks)
  • 80 Analog Loops (WAV/REX/Dracks)
  • 140 Grain Loops (WAV/REX/Dracks)
  • 240 Impulse Part loops (WAV/REX/Dracks)
  • 448 WAV Samples
  • Basses : 80 LIVE Impulse Clips & Devices
  • Basses : 20 Kontakt Instruments
  • Basses : 20 Reason NN19 Instruments
  • Synths : 120 LIVE Simpler Devices
  • Synths : 10 Kontakt Instruments
  • Synths : 10 Reason NN19 Instruments
  • Drum Kits : 144 LIVE Impulse Clips & Devices
  • Drum Kits : 30 Reason ReDrum Kits
  • Drum Kits : 40 Kontakt Drumkits
Pricing and Availability:
39.95 € More information and MP3 demos:

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