New Oberhiem SEM Rumour?

Tom himself is remaking it      06/10/08
New Oberhiem SEM Rumour?
Tom Oberheim, Dave Smith, Don Buchla and Roger Linn

Via MatrixSynth
AES looks like a bumper crop for hot news this year, which is encouraging given the current world economic outlook. According to yotsuba&! over at the MatrixSynth Blog, Tom Oberheim was spotted at the Dave Smith AES press conference - pictured in the photo here with other synth luminaries (Tom Oberhiem, Dave Smith, Don Buchla and Roger Linn L-R). At said press conference, which was presumably to launch the Mopho - the yellow, single voice desktop synth from Dave Smith Instruments - (It's a based on a single voice of the Prophet '08), yotsuba&! spoke with Tom who apparently said that we was "remaking the SEM module" just like the original, not digital, not MIDI. Of course the SEM is one of the the few classic synthesizers that has not been remade either in software or hardware since it was first produced in the early 1970’s. The new synth could not be called a straight Oberheim as Gibson now own that trademark, but perhaps Tom Oberheim? This is all unconfirmed at present, but we will endeavor to bring you the facts as they become more concrete, and hey, the internet is all about gossip and conjecture right? Nick Batt

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shekhar dhain    Said...

I cant wait! my mopho should be arriving tomorrow , and i hope/pray its out before year end...

aah...finally no more nightmare on elm street trying to get a decent one on ebay :-D

06-Oct-08 09:51 AM

DBM    Said...

edit : There is a hardware clone called resemblance by analog solutions

06-Oct-08 01:28 PM

DBM    Said...

any updates ? like if tom bought a company name yet ?

09-Oct-08 02:58 PM

miatch    Said...

the clone is actually called the Semblance, by anaolgue solutions, and it has MIDI.

11-Oct-08 04:29 PM

yotsuba&!    Said...

hey, sonicstate never asked permission to use my photo, how rude.

19-Oct-08 02:44 AM

s9k    Said...

They didn't bother to credit you for the photo either. Pure class. That is a double fail, SS nitwits!

19-Oct-08 12:03 PM

Nick B    Said...

Hey yotsuba&!, very sorry about that I should have asked. I've been trying to contact you - there's no way I can see via the Flikr account?

23-Oct-08 09:59 AM

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