The Ultimate Multiband Dynamic Processor?

Flux releases Alchemist plug-in      06/10/08

The Ultimate Multiband Dynamic Processor?

Flux have released Alchemist which they are describing as the ultimate multiband dynamic processor. Here’s all the details in their own words…
Flux:: is proud to unveil Alchemist. It can process up to five frequency bands. Alchemist features for every band, a compressor, a de-compressor, an expander, a de-expander working in parallel, completed by transient manager and a width control for stereo signal. The complete process is achieved with a variable knee soft clipper.
Alchemist is primarily designed for mastering and re-mastering applications. However, it can also be used as a regular dynamic processor for absolute control.
Based on the acclaimed Flux dynamic processing algorithms, Alchemist features a state-of-the-art IIR cross-over with selectable slopes from 18 dB per octave to 54 dB per octave, with variable corner frequencies. Every band owns a complete dynamic processing section including compressor, expander, de-compressor, de-expander working in parallel with independent Angel’s Share and Hysteresis parameters. A transient processor and a MS controller are also available for each frequency band. The sound can be processed from single broadband to five bands. The whole processing is completed by an adjustable soft knee brick-wall clipper. An Auto Delay function allows producing a zero attack by introducing a delay line on the processed signal. Angel's Share is the parameter controlling the mix of an auto-ratio determined by the signal dynamic and, the manual ratio setting. Hysteresis is the parameter controlling the mix of an auto-threshold determined by the signal dynamic and, the manual threshold value. Angel's Share and Hysteresis are the key features of all Flux dynamic processors because they depend on on the dynamic range content of the signal, and not only on signal levels as standard processors do.
The Bitter Sweet section managing the transients, may be toggled pre or post processing using middle, side or stereo modes. Many detection algorithms are available including the original Solera. The MS Width control manages stereo signals. Every dynamic section has independent Hysteresis and Angel's Share parameters. They all have a Hold pararmeter and a Threshold for Hysteresis. Classic modes and Feed Backward modes are available for signal level detection completing the legacy Solera mode. Various profiles can be selected for detecting the dynamic of the signal. A Maximum mode can be engaged on the Hysteresis control permitting to process according both maximum values of the standard and the Hysteresis detection schemes.
Our exclusive A /B morphing system, enables a global and efficient control of the processing in a second.The preset manager allows to save global presets made of two different presets including the A / B morphing slider position. Note also that factory presets are provided for every plug-ins.
Alchemist manages digital audio up to 384 KHz, up to 8 channels. This is the native version of the plug-in for AU, RTAS and VST.
Pricing and Availability:
800 € More information:

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