Inside The Dr Who Sound Effects Studio

Doctor Who & Torchwood's Sound Design Secrets Revealed In Our Exclusive Video Tour.      10/10/08

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9:20 mins
Doctor Who's head honcho Russell T. Davies introduces this exclusive behind-the-scenes peak into the sound design secrets of Britain's favourite sci fi series.

All the audio for the show is now put together at the newly unveiled BANG Studios in Cardiff where they not only do all the sound design, SFX and audio post for BBC's Doctor Who but also Torchwood and other major film and TV projects.

They recently unveiled their brand new Dolby licensed room featuring a Digidesign D-Control ES desk driving ProTools HD6. There's also a dialogue, FX and music mixing room featuring HD2, PMCs and a Command 8 mixer. The Foley studio includes yet more Digidesign gear, Dynaudio monitors and a vast array of props demonstrated for us by BANG director Paul McFadden.

Next week in part 2 we get a further in-depth look at that Digidesign desk and more tips and tricks from the world of Foley and sound design.

Simon Power


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Marc JX8P    Said...

Very cool stuff! Looking forward to more in-depth material in the next episodes.

10-Oct-08 04:29 PM

hui    Said...

A highly interesting show, and very well produced. This series would make a great bonus feature on a future Dr Who DVD release.

11-Oct-08 10:04 PM

A. Wright-Burke    Said...

Amazing piece - this stuff should be on TV! It was extraordinary to find out that every sound is foley because of the multi language issue - never really thought about that before!

14-Oct-08 06:32 AM

systmz    Said...

Awesome video!

14-Oct-08 04:07 PM

Dusty    Said...

Again, a fantastic interview of broadcast quality. When's the next one coming out?

21-Oct-08 06:23 AM

Steveo    Said...

Superb job guys - this should really be broadcast !

09-Nov-08 02:23 PM

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