Podcast: Sonic TALK102 - Better Late Than Never

The lost live show.....      10/10/08

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35:11 mins
SONIC TALK 102 - Picture me, red faced with a pair of donkey ears looking very ashamed and that's about right.. This episode is late due to a series of bungles by me - long story short, my local recording and backup both failed due to operator error. I blame the added pressure of the live show, and my incompetence, and the dog ate my homework. So, apologies to all our live listeners from Wednesday and also to the panelists who regularly give up their valuable time to join me each week (assuming they ever will again!). Very kindly Mark Tinley and Dave Spiers came back online yesterday to record a replacement. PJ Tracy and Rich Hilton were both up for joining us too but the timing just didn't work out this time - thanks anyway guys!. This weeks show covers: Punk meets butter as Johnny Rotten appears in a butter ad in the UK - we wonder if it's all gone wrong and at what point is it acceptable to take the money and run. Then Dave drops a massive hint on the next 80's band to reform, Mark shows us an interesting duet between Le Bon and Debbie Harry, then we discuss the new Roland Cakewalk V-Studio, ProTools 8 and a time/pitch conundrum for Mark. Remember... LIVE Recording EVERY WEEK!
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cosine sun    Said...

@ 09:30 , ULTRAVOX !!!

ye wicked :)

thanks for the entertainment whilst i paint the house ..

10-Oct-08 05:10 AM

Richard Hilton    Said...

great show guys!

10-Oct-08 08:11 AM

Benedict Johnson http://www.myspace.com/weaponEXmusic    Said...

Redundant humble apologies! Nick was particularly hilarious on this one, particularly talking about the butter!

10-Oct-08 08:54 AM

Howling Terror    Said...

Nice POD chaps..got worried when it wasn't available on Thurs. Do you fancy covering the dodgy subject of the loudness war esp the new mettalica album latest talk has been picked up by radio 4 and s.o.s


10-Oct-08 09:13 AM

Matt    Said...

Maybe in the future if people are listening to the live feed they should record it... you know, just in case.

All things considered, a great show though.

10-Oct-08 11:05 AM

RedWalks    Said...

Hi Nick ! Just to get it right... so ur begging Yamaha sending u a hw recorder to save a back up take of ur show,priceless !! ;-) Maybe being sober on the show turns out not to be ur cup of tea,lol ! Cya,Red !

10-Oct-08 11:19 AM

Nick B    Said...

Redwalks, yeah thats about right... :-)

Matt, not a bad idea, although a small part of me just thinks I should set the H4 going as the back, remember to record local Audio Hijack Pro and maybe use the UStream record function!

10-Oct-08 03:02 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Hi Nick, great podcast again and thanks for re-recording this one as I'd have hated to go without a podcast this week - especially as I couldn't join you on wednesday to listen to the streamed version. One question though - why do you remind people four times of what had happened? It's not like people could tune in later that missed the start of the mp3! :-)

10-Oct-08 06:39 PM

Nick B    Said...

Marc, good point - not sure really maybe I was trying to be all radio!

11-Oct-08 02:33 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Is the live podcast on again at the usual time tomorrow?

14-Oct-08 08:49 AM

nick B    Said...

Marc, yep it is. God help us!

14-Oct-08 11:03 AM

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