Auto-Tune Evo Updated

New releases add feature and workflow enhancements      29/10/08

Auto-Tune Evo Updated

Antares have announced the release of the first major updates to Auto-Tune Evo. While maintenance releases typically focus on stamping out minor bugs, for these releases the company tell us that they have added some substantive feature enhancements that will further streamline your pitch-processing workflow. Here's the details that they have sent us...
Key features in the updates include:
All Versions
  • A new Options dialog checkbox to turn on or off the display of the Output Pitch Curve (i.e., the green curve) in Graphical Mode. This is useful when you are doing some meticulous graphical tweaking and want to temporarily turn off the green curve to get a better look at the tracked pitch and a correction object (i.e., Note, Line, or Curve).____And to make this feature even more convenient, we've added the ability to assign a key to toggle the green curve on and off in the Key Binding options.
  • The following settings have been added to the saved session data: the undo stack and zoom state in Graphical Mode (all versions) and the window width and height (RTAS and TDM only). So when you open a saved session, you'll be ready to continue your work exactly where you left off.
  • We've now disabled that annoying auto-scrolling in Graphical Mode while using one of the graphical editing tools (e.g., drawing a curve by hand).
RTAS and TDM (Mac and PC)
  • We've implemented automatic delay compensation when using AudioSuite. No more having to manually move the corrected audio. (A huge time-saver!)
Audio Units
  • Added the ability to respond to the QWERTY number keys, so now Logic, Digital Performer and other AU users can take advantage of the enormous convenience of Auto-Tune Evo's assignable Key Binding system.
  • Added the ability to respond to the QWERTY number keys in SONAR and SoundForge, thereby enabling the Key Binding functions.
For the complete list of changes, refer to the Read Me files that accompany each version.
Pricing and Availability:
These are free updates for current Auto-Tune Evo owners. More information:

Antares Audio Technologies Auto-Tune Vocal Studio Native - Auto-Tune 8 + AVOX 4 Vocal Toolkit (Download)

Antares Audio Technologies Mic Mod EFX - Classic Microphone Modeler Plug-In (Download)

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