Podcast: Sonic TALK107 - How To Get That Bond Drum Sound

Long term relationships (with gear), 4-track for iPhone, Beardyman and MTV      13/11/08

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58:17 mins
Another LIVE week and everything went well on the streaming front - after last weeks' unfortunate net traffic - these Americans and their elections....
With me on the line are Mark Tinley - sound artist and ace engineer, Dave Spiers the man from GForce Software and avid synth addict, from Stateside, we're joined by Rich Hilton - long time member of Chic and Nile Roger's studio guy. We talk of the ZX Spectrum sound chip, last weeks Music Live! show in Birmingham, and AudioNerd's new plug-in TemperTemper which is a Microdiatonically Equal Tempered Metronome - a click that can be in tune with your track. Then it's on to the new Bond movie and jack White's theme tune and drum sound, FourTrack for your phone - old school for today, long-term relationships with electronic musical instruments, Beardyman does Jazz - an amazing beatboxer and two KP3s, MTV Music and any old excuse for us polish our fingernails... Finally, a call for pay as you go Data Plans in the US for Nick please! Email if you have any ideas. Remember... Join Us Live!
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Dan A    Said...

I was finally able to join the chat and listen to the live feed (logged in as DnA.) It was interesting and very fun. I can also see that Nick is a great editor as the finished podcast is much tighter and flows well. Great work.

I checked out the MTV video site. Not a bad start but Flash ads and commercials run to the right of the video as one is watching - very annoying IMO. Still, it's nice to see MTV actually running videos again!

13-Nov-08 10:48 AM

Nick B    Said...

Dan, thanks for coming by yesterday and I'm glad it was a good network day, the LIVE show will be continuing while it streams okay.

Regarding the edit, thanks, I try to make it keep the spirit of what was siad without changing things too much - we all know how much manipulation can be done after the fact, but I dont wish that - unless any of us has said something particularly foolish (never happens ;-)

Flash ads on MTV, er yes - we are guilty too, but ours is through nessecity of income. I imagine MTV could work on the layout.

13-Nov-08 11:05 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Nice show, good audio quality! Liked the bits about the old gear though when Dave started to list his stuff I almost started to cry! :-)

13-Nov-08 03:45 PM

Dan A    Said...

MTV changed its page layout yesterday (or I may have been looking at a beta page when I made my previous comment.) Now videos appear on a wide black background without Flash ads.

14-Nov-08 10:13 AM

g_nom    Said...

Nice show (as always). One small remark though, the SIDstation by elektron was of course based on the SID chip of the Commodore 64 ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MOS_Technology_SID ) Speaking of which, I stumbled last weekend about some demo scene people who do absolutely unbelievable things with it. Check out http://c64music.blogspot.com/2008/11/new-revolutionary-c64-music-routine.html I don't much more about it. But it brought back warm memories. And it was jaw dropping (technology wise).

18-Nov-08 01:15 PM

dextrus    Said...

if you liked beardyman, check these out: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=uvSa8YXexv8&feature=PlayList&p=2B36698C353FA80C&index=0




20-Nov-08 06:08 PM

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