Podcast: Sonic TALK108 - Grunting Performers, Resort Studios

WiiMote to MIDI, Korg nanoKeys, rare synths and exotic recording      20/11/08

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59:7 mins
The gods of technology continue to smile upon us, allowing us to stream the recording of this weeks' cast - if you want to join us, head over to Sonicstate.com/LIVE on Weds at 4pm BST. This week I'm joined by, ahem Emmy Award winning composer PJ Tracy from Minneapolis (way to go PJ!), Rich Hilton who's just off to Belgium for a Chic gig, the prolific Mark Tinley - he's got a daily podcast on the Creative Catalyst, just head over to iTunes, Dave Spiers from GForce Software also takes his rightful place on the panel after a near miss with a Childrens BAFTA. First PJ tells us all about his recent Emmy winning experience, Dave pines for his new Roland D550 and MKS70, then we move on to the WiiMote to MIDI, Jordan Rudess shreds on the nanoKeys, then we ponder the merits of Resort Studios - Nassau Compass Point especially, then we're on to rare synths we have played.. We finish up with a track from Robbie Ryan constructed around last weeks podcast - way to go Robbie! Remember... Join Us Live!
Every Wednesday at 4pm BST, 11Am EST, 10am CST - we record and stream live with a chat room for you to get involved in. So head over to Sonicstate.com/LIVE and check it out. Or set up a Skype account for people to leave comments (which may be played on subsequent episodes) or requests to be considered for a part on the show. You can contact using the Skype handle 'sonictalk' or if you want to use the phone, our number in the US is:

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Marc JX8P    Said...

Looking forward to listening to this one! The chat room and the live recording session were once again hilarious (and, fortunately, with good and stable audio).

20-Nov-08 06:12 AM

Guest4324    Said...

I'm just a mere number now ;)

The general public sure are irrelevant, aren't they... haha

20-Nov-08 07:44 AM

Nick B    Said...

Ah Guest, good to see you've kept your moniker.

Re: General Public - it WAS a joke of course...

20-Nov-08 08:19 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great podcast, once again! Loved the track at the end, really cool sounds and well chosen sound bytes.

20-Nov-08 12:08 PM

DBM    Said...

A lot of the players in the jazz bands that fly through the Slippery Noodle Inn have a tendency to tick or grunt or do some sort of facial articulation while playing ....The ones I've asked said it was there internal metronome .

20-Nov-08 04:24 PM

Dan A.    Said...

The king of mouthing guitar parts, especially with wow pedals, has to be Robin Trower. I never tire of listening to the album Bridge of Sighs which also features the late great James Dewer on vocals and bass.

20-Nov-08 10:48 PM


Ah..the old synthacon makes an appearance too..


an even wilder vid than the one on the link, simply to demonstrate this guy is very rich and also quite possibly very nuts..respect.

27-Nov-08 04:16 PM


oops...i meant this one


27-Nov-08 04:17 PM


and while im here, another rare bit of kit, which can now be replicated with any multitimbral synth , but the original has a certain "je ne se quois"...


27-Nov-08 04:19 PM



04-Jun-10 10:55 AM

Guest4324    Said...


04-Jun-10 10:56 AM

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