Software Sound Module

Sample Logic releases The Elements EXP      20/11/08
Software Sound Module

Sample Logic has released The Elements EXP which they describe as a sound module in VST/DXI/AU/RTAS/STANDALONE formats. Here's their press release...
Things Just Got GUI!
With a newly enhanced Graphical User Interface and expertly programmed instruments and multis, Sample Logic is proud to introduce "The Elements EXP." Powered by Native Instruments award winning Kontakt Player plugin (VST, DXi, RTAS, AU, Standalone for both PC and Mac). The Elements EXP is perfect for anyone. Film/TV, Video Game composers, Sound Designers, DJ's, Musicians, Producers, and live performers, etc. This library truly "blurs the line between music and sound design."
Expanding the periodic table:
The Elements EXP is based on the 6 Elements of music; Ambience, Bass, Harmony, Impacts, Melody, Rhythm. This Expansion brings new functionality to the table, with performance ready arpeggiators and gators, as well as a host of new on-screen automation-ready effects such as: Chorus, Pulser, Delay, Reverb, EQ, and Portamento.
It has arrived:
Weighing in it at over 2000+ instruments and multis, this gigantic 14 GB Kontakt Player library is packed with deadly, ear scraping ambience to serene melodic choirs; arpeggiated and gated melodic instruments to horrific tempo synced impacts; glitched-out distorted beats to funky harmonic guitars; motionscaped ambience to house thumping beats; tweaked out pulsating pads to film score-ready multis; woofed out basses to spine bending transitional stings; traditional cinematic brass ensembles to psychedelic mod-wheel playable spirals of exotic colors.
Hot off the press:
"The Elements is an interesting, ear-bending, evocative, and well-produced library that's squarely aimed at composers who write music for TV and Film." --Keyboard Magazine
"The Elements is an awesome one-stop production resource for many musical genres." --Remix Magazine
For New Elements Owners:
The Elements EXP is an entirely redesigned product that gives you not only all of the instruments from the original Elements, but with a completely new user interface, and an additional 350 patches bringing you a total of 2000+ instruments and multis. The Elements EXP: $359
For Current users:
The EXP can be purchased as a $40 expansion download, which will update your current 1700 Elements instruments and multis to the newly created interface as well as unlocking an additional 350+ instruments and multis. EXP Downloadable Update (for current users only): $40
Pricing and Availability:
For current users: It can be purchased as an expansion download for $40
For new users: $359 More information:

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