Presonus StudioLive Mixer Field Tested and Filmed

Rick takes it to a gig for the first time      26/11/08

Presonus StudioLive Mixer Field Tested and Filmed

Rick Naqvi, who you may recognize from various show videos we have shot with him, took the StudioLive DSP enhanced digital mixing console out for a gig to give it a try in the name of research. This is posted on the new StudioLive blog - where you can see the progress of Presonus' new flagship product. You really get to see that the mixer working in the field, with all the associated difficulties of setting up for a live gig, where the band are doing the sound themselves - in this case a wedding band. Next test is to record the band, then mix - stay tuned..
PreSonus VP of Sales and Marketing Rick Naqvi is beta-testing the new PreSonus StudioLive 16-channel digital mixer in the field--and you are there! Join Rick on his new StudioLive blog as he mixes and records an assortment of live and studio performances in various clubs, churches, concert halls, and studios. Several times a week, Rick will write about his experiences using the StudioLive, and each week he will post at least one new video of the StudioLive in action, demonstrating how to quickly and easily get up and running, set up a mix, and record a multitrack show with only two mouse clicks, using the included Capture software. He'll guide you through the features as they are actually used in real concerts, worship services, and studio sessions. This is an interactive blog, and we urge you to add comments and ask questions; Rick will respond promptly. With its ship date rapidly approaching, the StudioLive mixer will be one of the hottest audio products of 2009; follow Rick's blog to find out why! More information:

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