Podcast: Sonic TALK109 - Singing Shorts

Speakers in your clothes, Theta waves, Machines with souls, replacing band members, gizmos and more      27/11/08

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50:20 mins
Another live show this week - thanks to all those who took the time to join us in the chatroom while all did our thing - and doing their things this week are PJ Tracy (Emmy winning no less) composer from Minneapolis, Mark Tinley - sound artist extraordinaire and deep thinker - check out his Creative Catalyst podcast on iTunes, Dave Spiers from GForce Software just back from more hearing balance tests for his Labyrinthitis and finally Noneric from Musotalk.de who's busy making more great content in the German language for music producers. Dave tells us the latest installment from the weird world of hearing and balance tests and we ponder a positive word beginning with X, which takes us to Xanadu, Mark's theta wave podcast gets a mention, then we're on to the world's thinnest speakers, made of carbon nanotubes, Ray Kurzweil wonders if machines can have souls - discuss, then we're on to a topic sent in from Kayle Clements about replacing band members, the nifty Optogate triggers a discussion on must have gadgets and gizmos. And finally - Oliver Davis from the Circuit Symphony sent us in a demo of work in progress to play us out. Remember... Join Us Live!
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Oliver Davis - www.TheCircuitsymphony.com    Said...

Hi Nick.

Thanks so very much for playing the track.

Had a great one yesterday with Mark and his pants – great song idea :)

The weblink is www.TheCircuitSymphony.com - you missed “The� of the link…….

27-Nov-08 05:48 AM

Matt_C    Said...

We just tried to name foods beginning with each letter of the alphabet and got stuck at "I" and that's without water in our ears.

27-Nov-08 06:55 AM

Nick B    Said...

Oliver, sorry about that typo - should all be okay now.

27-Nov-08 07:30 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great track Oliver! And as usual, a highly entertaining podcast!

27-Nov-08 03:45 PM

Steve from Saskatchewan    Said...

I remember reading in Rolling Stone about Coldplay... They started out using their friend Will Champion, who wasn't really a drummer, and when they started achieving some success they were pressured to get a real drummer.

So they canned Will, auditioned a new drummer, and six months later canned him and took Will back...

The quote I remember from Chris Martin is "It's easier for someone to learn drums than for someone to learn not to be an a$$h@!e".

28-Nov-08 10:05 AM

GOD    Said...

I think that you'll find, ALL musicians are assholes, o/wise they would have REAL jobs :P

29-Nov-08 01:50 AM

DeathByMedia    Said...

As far as the Nano fiber speaker : A better alternative to ear buds ....maybe

29-Nov-08 03:17 AM

hiltonius    Said...

very much enjoyed the show fellows!

there is a product by the realtraps people called "portable vocal booth" that is absolutely fantastic. we use it at our studio and i was really amazed at how well it achieves its goal. www.realtraps.com

looking forward to the next one


29-Nov-08 08:25 PM

KC    Said...

Hi Nick -

Thanks for responding to my question - I very much enjoyed hearing what the panel had to say about finding new players -


02-Dec-08 03:10 PM

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