WNAMM09:NAMM-CAM Virus Ti2 Sneak Peak

As it happens from Winter NAMM09      15/01/09

Posted live from NAMM 2009, Anaheim CA.

The Sonic Team

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complainer    Said...

why would they still name it 'virus ti'? and why couldn't they make the screen bigger like on korg/yamaha, etc? or at least like on waldorf?

15-Jan-09 10:26 PM


Ya I totally agree with Complainer. I own a TI and I wouldn't upgrade for what little tweaks they've done. Just another way to try and sell us something new, and to stop supporting the older gear. Lamesauce

15-Jan-09 11:11 PM

Shimmy    Said...

I think you guys will find the that the new OS with all it's features are compabible with the old TI; I've just updated my Polar with the 3.0 OS, all the new effects and software improvements are there!

16-Jan-09 12:31 AM

Cerebral Infect    Said...

I think it's a technological forced update for the TI2. Maybe the original DSP on which the TI was based on is discontinued and they had to update the DSP with a newer production one (and of course DSP power always go up not down hence the 25% more powerful). Therefore, to avoid confusion between the older TI and the new TI2, some visual enhancement were done to clearly distinguish both version. It means that the orginal TI is still going to be supported with the other OS update for the next 4 years, which is good.

Bigger screen, what's the point when you have a full blown computer editor with it ?

The only thing missing was a USB2.0 protocal for more audio ports to DAW

16-Jan-09 10:42 AM

fizmo    Said...

i agree, despite having daw intergration, it would have been an excellent upgrade to have a larger screen, something like the roland phantom. especially for live performance if you choose to use a hardware sequencer instead of a daw, and you need a quick and easy way to scroll through patches for multimode. os3 is awesome, but the hardware improvements are very much lack luster.

16-Jan-09 01:11 PM

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