WNAMM09:NAMM-CAM Sunday Night Comedown

As it happens from Winter NAMM09      18/01/09

Posted live from NAMM 2009, Anaheim CA.

The Sonic Team

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CV!    Said...

Thanks Nick! Good Job!

18-Jan-09 09:15 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

Awesome coverage as usual! Poor Nick looks depressed at having to go back to that fine English weather..

18-Jan-09 10:25 PM

The G man    Said...

Thank you very much!

Every Namm and Musikmesse, I anticipate and look forward to seeing you guys coverage.

Outstanding job and it just keeps getting better and more professional every year.

I also lie to thank for the product reviews and everything else.

The only costructive critisism I have is that you'd watch out a bit about getting too biased with your friends and advertising/sponsor companies. It's not that yet, but it could easily slide to there.

19-Jan-09 04:10 AM

Zvukoprocessor    Said...

"The only constructive criticism I have is that you'd watch out a bit about getting too biased with your friends and advertising/sponsor companies. It's not that yet, but it could easily slide to there."

Never seen it on sonicstate, and when you put a camera into someone face, inevitably some will be much more enthusiastic then others (Dave Spears vs. that dude from Line 6 or the one from IK Multimedia) After Ableton's superb announcements even NI guy looked bored and uninspiring, although I kind of like The MASCHINE, but....

Excellent coverage (as usual), thanks Nick and Andy!

19-Jan-09 04:44 AM

chinney    Said...

Thanks mate :) really enjoyed the vids

19-Jan-09 06:08 AM

Basil St. Cecil    Said...

Dear Nick and Andy,

Thanks for all the hard work. It is very much appreciated.

I'm sure it's a labor of love.

Also, I can't believe how you guys manage to put together MUCH better, and much more frequently updated, NAMM coverage than HC.

Oh, and where can we ask you guys questions? I've got a few.


B St. C

19-Jan-09 09:37 AM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks for the kind words guys. We had a blast as usual, but it is a very intense period.

@G man, I understand where you are coming from - and I would certainly take that regarding GFORCE, but to be fair Dave is a friend and is also on the podcast every week, so special attention is inevitable.

Regarding advertisers, of course we will cover their stuff - if we didnt, it would be suicidal from a business point of view, but we do cover a load of stuff, not just them - we both shot over 2 hrs of footage yesterday too but today is a travel day, so it may take a little more time to see that on the site.

19-Jan-09 10:07 AM

RedWalks    Said...

So will there be a 2h post Namm margarita drunken pub coverage ? lol Nevertheless, thx guys for your effort and time making such a fast news show happen !

Did you get the story why Hans could`nt be there ? ...it is priceless indeed...

Cya , Red !

19-Jan-09 01:40 PM

Nik    Said...

Cheers guys,

I was really excited about the show and spent most of the weekend browsing the internet for stories.

Eventually I decided that I only really needed to touch base with Sonic State. Stellar Job and much appreciated.

Many Thanks

19-Jan-09 03:03 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Thanks for all the great work again, guys! Watching Sonic State's coverage is really the next best thing to going there.

Oh, and I think we'll all allow you a few hours sleep now. :-)

19-Jan-09 04:29 PM

DrJazz    Said...

Thanks again, for showing us the goods, the gear, the dreams and hopes hehehe!

19-Jan-09 05:29 PM

huigui    Said...

Many thanks to all the Sonic team for the great coverage!

19-Jan-09 11:26 PM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks folks, just waiting to get home right now, flight delayed for 24hrs but lots more videos coming soon.

20-Jan-09 05:32 PM

hogberto    Said...

thanks sonic state. look forward to next year.

21-Jan-09 02:23 PM

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