Podcast: Sonic TALK118 - Michael Jacksons Swarovski Socks

Muzak in the toilet, Madge kerching, to digeridoo or digeridon't, 3D      18/02/09

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12:49 mins
The snowdrops are out in force in the woodlands around Bath, does this mean Spring is in the air? I do hope so... Joining me on the line from across the water is Rich Hilton - who's waiting patiently for the arrival of if Digidesign cards to complete the setup of his new HD ProTools rig for use in the studio with Nile Rodgers, Dave Spiers - from GForce Software who has his eye on the Jacksons stretch Rolls Royce thats currently up for auction, and Mark Tinley taking a break from promoting his new book, The Logic Of Attraction. After wondering where the EMS Synthi 100 system will go that's currently on eBay, and the items for sale in the Michael Jackson auction, we move on to the announcement that company behind Muzak - yes there really is one has announced Chapter 11 after more than 80 years in business, then the discovery that Madonna was last years top earner in the music list from Billboard, we ponder the ethereal world of top level high production touring. next is the Tonehammer Digeridoo sample library and others, then finally it's on to 3D vision and audio with a touch of 5.1 surround thrown in. Remember, joins us for the LIVE recording of next weeks show at 4pm GMT on Wednesday, where you can participate in the live chat room while listening to the full unedited live recording of the show. BTW, you can follow me on Twitter at sonicnick, our headlines are posted there as well as the odd interjection from me. Remember... Join Us Live!
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Even more news...

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Greg    Said...


This is a link to a 60 Minutes profile on Kenny Chesney from about 2 years ago. I don't know how big 60 Minutes (the TV news magazine) is in the UK or if you even receive it on any channel. This is just FYI. I don't know why 60 Minutes chooses who they do in their celebrity profiles but, of course, they only do the big ones. I was not a fan of Kenny before this and it didn't make me a fan afterwards. I'm not a hater of him but he just does nothing for me.

I found the general theme on big concerts and the money interesting. If you could do maybe 5 minutes in a future podcast on the economics of a tour in a spreadsheet/nerdy way I'd find that somewhat interesting.

19-Feb-09 11:21 AM

Nick B    Said...

Greg, thanks for that - I'll see if I can find a tour manager to chip in on that, it would make for interesting listening I think.

19-Feb-09 11:24 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Really enjoyed the podcast again, also cool to be in the live chatroom again, even if I missed the first part of the show...

19-Feb-09 06:40 PM

Matt_C    Said...

After that discussion about 3D stuff I had the binaural album Tchad Blake recorded in Zimbabwe come up on iTunes. It's on Real World records, so I guess you could ask nicely for a copy next time you are over there Nick :)

Well worth checking out if you are into that kind of thing - it sounds really immersive on headphones.

21-Feb-09 07:23 AM

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