Podcast: Sonic TALK119 - Limo To Tijuana

Shipping gear, Bebot synth, Josh Freese crazy promo, a loop a day      26/02/09

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56:40 mins
Welcome to our weekly round table discussion where I'm joined by EMMY winning composer PJ Tracy who's about to head on a Caribbean cruise, Rich Hilton - who's taking a brief break from working with Nile Rodgers to head to the Caribbean to design a studio and sound artist, Dave Spiers from GForce Software and proud owner of a Yamaha CS60, and Mark Tinley author, sound artist and lecturer just back from Middlesbrough . After shout outs to some of our new Twitter followers (we are sonicnick btw), we lust (well I do) after the new Apple 17 inch MacBook Pro, we get on to some nuts and bolts of touring and how we choose the gear that will make the show go on, the Ryan Gruss the drummer who releases a loop a day and writes a mighty fine blog too, Bebot - the polyphonic synthesiser for the iPhone and iPod touch - Jordan Rudess likes it! The next item considers another drummers (Josh Freese) endeavours to promote his upcoming album by offering some ridiculous limited edition experiences, and finally we have a tumbleweed moment as Nick tries to find out more about the Korg Sigma - and fails Remember... Join Us Live!
Every wednesday at 4pm BST we record and stream live with a chat room for you to get involved in. So head over to Sonicstate.com/LIVE and check it out. Or set up a Skype account for people to leave comments (which may be played on subsequent episodes) or requests to be considered for a part on the show.

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DJ Ze MigL    Said...

I'm a regular listener to the podcast since the very first shows. It keeps me informed and gives me a great different views on so many different technology related topics that it's always good fun to hear. Also I co-own an equipment show that only sells DJ/ Studio gear (no acoustic instruments) so it is quite important to stay on top of information. www.mk2.pt (photos - http://gallery.me.com/homero.bettencourt#100008 )

So I just wanted to spread the luv 4 the show and the sonicstate work. This Messe I will muster the courage to show up (will b there on business) and congratulate in person.

Anyway just wanted to bring the d16 ( http://www.d16.pl/ ) products to your attention plus also the technobox iphone/ipod Touch app to your attention.. I know you guys are quite tired of the Roland xox range but these products really rock and are and excellent alternative to the originals!

it's a totally gratuitous plug as we don't sell these at my shop lol.

Kindest regards from Lisbon, Portugal,

Miguel Silva aka DJ Ze MigL (www.myspace.com/djzemigl)

26-Feb-09 05:37 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great show again - the annecdotes are once again very funny. More of these! :-)

27-Feb-09 02:38 PM

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