Podcast: Sonic TALK121 - My Singer Was Hypnotized

i am jen, studio grumble, Photosounder, boutique plugs      12/03/09

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55:51 mins
Back with a fullsome panel this week as Emmy winning composer PJ Tracy is back from his Caribbean caper, Mark Tinley sound artist and author returns too, with Nile Rodgers' main man Rich Hilton also with us between studio and a jaunt to Japan for a week with Chic, Dave Spiers is here too, in buoyant mood after learning that his M-Tron Pro just got the Platinum Award from Future Music. After hellos we take a listen to some great tunes from Jen Scaturro at iamjen.com, then we're on to our least favourite jobs in the studio, Photosounder - the visual audio editor that allows you to process your audio in apps like Photoshop, boutique and special plug-ins are next, after which we discuss Prince's latest offering only available via Target. Remember you can follow us on Twitter - the handle sonicnick Remember... Join Us Live!
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RedWalks    Said...

If for anyone the photosounder link didn`t work pls try : http://photosounder.com/

Cya,Red !

12-Mar-09 09:37 AM

Nick B    Said...

Red, link should be fixed now.

12-Mar-09 11:34 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Cool podcast; as usual I really liked the music annecdotes, or in this case the 'what do you hate about your job' section. And to repeat my last weeks comment: you really should do something extra in podcast 125 - its way better than 150 since it's 5 x 5 x 5! :-) Maybe you could try and have a video podcast again?

12-Mar-09 03:38 PM

noetic    Said...

hey i like the podcast a lot...listen every week. thanks guys.

i know pj mentioned metasynth in the photosounder topic, but i think it deserves a bigger spotlight. metasynth has been performing exactly that kind of audio processing in the visual domain for over a decade (as i was introduced to it in late 1998-early '99). i'm pretty sure eric persing of spectrasonics is an avid user.

anyway, all the best.

oh, i love prince, my wife loves target...so it's a natural combination.

13-Mar-09 01:28 PM

anon    Said...

Photosounder is also available for 25 euros by the way..

13-Mar-09 02:55 PM

KC    Said...

Did anyone catch the other Plug that Mark mentioned - something about fire.


15-Mar-09 03:24 PM

P.J. Tracy    Said...


The plugs Mark mentioned are those made by Smartelectronix.

Fire and Livecut are great FX, and are free for Mac and PC.

16-Mar-09 08:27 AM

ResJohnny    Said...

Aphex Twin hid his image in a track....


17-Mar-09 08:22 AM

kc    Said...

Thanks P.J.

Nice to have you back from your vacation - enjoyed the show.


17-Mar-09 11:16 AM

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