New Samplebase SoundBlocks

Piano, pulsing sounds and house guitar      13/03/09

New Samplebase SoundBlocks

Piano, pulsing sounds and house guitar Samplebase has released four brand new SoundBlocks. Here's all the details from their press release...
New to Samplebase is producer Michael Bearden whose sought-after piano chops (Anastacia, Ashanti, Destiny's Child) are displayed in his latest SoundBlock offering. Piano Off the Record is a collection of piano loops designed to inspire Hip Hop producers. These loops have been specially processed to sound as though they were lifted off a vinyl record. This SoundBlock offers instant control over the crackle, dirt, and vintage feel of the loops. Plus, the vinyl sound can be adjusted or removed for a clean piano vibe. Inside there are 35 original piano loops recorded at tempos ranging from 85 to 103 BPM, ready to automatically time-stretch and change pitch in Satellite to any tempo and key that is dialed in. Included are several vinyl noise samples that can be played individually, for use in other musical projects. Instant download: $29
MIDIhead returns with his second installment of pulsing sounds, designed to add motion to electronic music. Pulsation Station 2 is a luxurious excursion into the depths of electronic and cinematic music. Unlike its prequel, Pulsation Station 1, loops have been omitted in favor of multisampled pads, leads, basses, and textures optimized for use in a variety of electronic music styles, especially film score.
The majority of the 32 included multis contain multiple stacks of sonic ear candy where each layer can be manipulated to taste. Users can also build their own multis from the available patches. The modulation wheel offers immediate real-time control of the sonic character, adjusting a variety of parameters for fascinating results. Of course, all of the "pulses" in Pulsation Station 2 (delays, LFOs, filters, effects parameters) sync to the host tempo automatically. Pulsation Station 2 also employs field recording, injecting organic sounds into a synthesized wonderland. Instant download: $29
Producer and session musician James Davis has created two SoundBlocks for Samplebase, House Guitar – 127 BPM and House Guitar – 130 BPM. These two SoundBlocks complete a three-volume set of funkadelic, up-tempo guitar loops by session strummer James Davis. The riffs are specifically designed for progressive house music, focusing on the commonly used House tempos of 127 and 130 BPM (the series covers 125, 127, and 130 BPM) All of the House Guitar SoundBlocks contain several variations for each riff, including some creative and inspiring edits, chops and reverses. These guitar loops are perfect for creating a funky dance floor vibe, with several variations per loop.
There are also a handful of pre-assigned effects that are specially designed to add more color and interest. As with many Samplebase SoundBlocks the mod wheel provides immediate control over the character of the sound, in this case adjusting a low pass filter that can be used for builds and transitions. Instant download: $19 each
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