New Audio Workstation From Rain Recording

Element Core i7 audio workstation features Intel Nehalem Core i7 architecture      16/03/09
New Audio Workstation From Rain Recording

Rain Recording have unveiled Element Core i7, adding significant speed and power to their flagship line of digital audio workstations. Here's all the details from their press release...
Rain's new Element is a beautiful and distinctive, all-aluminum tower that houses a balanced component architecture designed to endure the most demanding audio production environments. Powered by the new Intel "Nehalem" Core i7 architecture overclocked to 3.6GHz with Rain's Overclock Stability Control (OSC), Element has been thoroughly tested and certified with pro audio software like Pro Tools, Cubase and SONAR.
The award winning Element line offers enormous expansion via seven PCI and PCI Express slots, FireWire on the TI Chipset, USB 2.0 and eSATA ports for multiple high-speed connections to audio interfaces and external storage. Like all Rain Recording computers, the newest Element features Rain's Quiet Coolâ„¢ System Design that fine-tunes each workstation to prevent audio engine failure, data bottlenecks and heat build-up while markedly enhancing stability and performance.
"One of our primary missions is to create a stable platform for audio production", said Kevin Jacoby, COO of Rain Computers. "It doesn't matter whether you're under a tight deadline or simply in the creative zone - when inspiration strikes you want a system that does away with technical boundaries so you can just concentrate on making great music."
Available options include up to 12GB of 1333MHz DDR3 Triple Channel memory, 6 Terabytes of high performance conventional and Solid State Drives (SSD), and a choice high definition graphics processors able to power multiple digital displays. The new Element workstation ships standard with Windows XP Pro or Vista Ultimate 64-bit tuned by Rain for audio production to ensure optimum performance and compatibility with industry-standard hardware and software.
All Rain computers include a custom tuned operating system and BIOS, RainCare Restoreâ„¢ Recovery Solution powered by Acronis, and RainZoneâ„¢ Internet Safe Zone that allows the user to surf the internet and download files without the fear of viruses and spyware. Also available is Rain's exclusive RainCare Encompass Total Integration Support providing 3 years of support covering the complete solution including the computer, software and audio interface.
Pricing and Availability:

Price: from $2699 / UK price £1599 (inc. VAT)
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    S R Dhain    Said...

    ive seen and heard nothing but good things about rain machines. They're pricey on the surface, but for pc lovers- like myself and millions of others- theyre one of the most STABLE and robust packages out there. Yes, macs are amazing out of the box for audio, but maybe if youre from an IT background like me, its a "whole new world" to contend with. A very pricey world when things go wrong.

    18-Mar-09 06:39 AM

    loneraver    Said...

    I just wish they'd stop sending me email ads. I've tried to unsubscribe but the button never works.

    18-Mar-09 10:52 PM

    DocOc    Said...

    S R Dhain - My friend actually has their Solstice and likes it a lot.

    loneraver - I had problems unsubscribing before too, but you can contact them and let them know. They took care of it right away for me. I just get too much email as it is.

    22-Mar-09 10:28 PM

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