Upgrade From 700MHz

Audio-Technica offers trade-in program for 700 MHz wireless products      16/03/09

Upgrade From 700MHz

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Note: US Only(thanks Dave!)
Audio-Technica is offering a 700 MHz Trade-In Program in an effort to encourage wireless users to move out of the 700 MHz spectrum range in anticipation of regulatory decisions by the FCC. Under the terms of the exchange, owners of A-T's discontinued 7000 Series, U100 and 1400 Series wireless microphone systems that operate in the 700 MHz range, are offered a 15% rebate on the purchase of any new A-T products from an authorized Audio-Technica U.S. dealer with the successful exchange of 700 MHz receivers. The 15% can apply to any dollar amount spent on new A-T product from an authorized dealer. There is no limit on the condition or age of wireless products qualified for rebate. The receivers must be turned in by September 30, 2009, for rebates good through the end of the year. Here's details from the A-T press release...
Over 10 years ago, the FCC made the decision to auction off television spectrum in the 700 MHz frequency spectrum. At that time, Audio-Technica decided to develop all new wireless microphone systems outside of what would eventually become a hostile RF environment. As a result, A-T brought to market the successful 200, 700, 1800, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000 Series wireless systems, all of which operate below the 700 MHz frequency range. Expecting continued reduction of available spectrum for wireless microphone users, and to provide new technology solutions, A-T introduced the SpectraPulse® Ultra Wideband (UWB) wireless microphone system in 2007, which operates in the 6 GHz range, well outside of the TV bands in question.
Audio-Technica's U100, 1400 and 7000 Series products continue to operate successfully today, well after their introduction over a decade ago. They were subsequently discontinued in favor of newer models that operate below 700 MHz. The regulatory environment surrounding wireless microphone use continues to evolve as a result of the FCC's actions, and though a final ruling on using 700 MHz products has not been reached, A-T strongly recommends that owners of these models vacate the 700 MHz spectrum.
The trade-in is easy: current users of Audio-Technica 700 MHz wireless systems must simply send in their old 700 MHz receivers only, rebate request form and original sales receipts, and A-T will send them a rebate certificate for 15% off their next Audio-Technica purchase. Then, users can visit their favorite Authorized Audio-Technica U.S. dealer, buy as much A-T product as they need in a one-time purchase, send in the receipt, UPC codes and the rebate certificate, and A-T will send back a check for 15% of the total A-T purchase price. There is absolutely no limit on total purchase amount or which current Audio-Technica products are eligible for refund in the one-time purchase. Additionally, owners of 700 MHz wireless systems from other manufacturers are eligible to receive a 5% rebate certificate under the same terms and conditions. There is no age limit on wireless products qualified for rebate.
The following discontinued Audio-Technica 700 MHz wireless receivers qualify for a 15% rebate certificate upon return of qualifying receivers.
  • ATW-R100 receiver -- included in the U100 Series ATW-U101 and ATW-U102 wireless systems.
  • ATW-R14 receiver -- included in the 1400 Series ATW-1451, ATW-1452 and ATW-1453 wireless systems.
  • DR-R4 receiver -- included in the Digital Reference DR4500 and DR4600 wireless systems.
  • ATW-R73 receiver -- included in the 7000 Series ATW-7373, ATW-7375 and ATW-7376 wireless systems
Note: "X" versions of the U100 Series and 7000 Series wireless systems do not operate in the 700 MHz range, so these receivers are not eligible for the rebate.
Note: This trade-in program does not apply to Audio-Technica's 700 Series Wireless Systems, which do not operate in the 700 MHz frequency range.
Pricing and Availability:
The 700 MHz trade-in program begins immediately. Qualifying trade-in receivers returned to Audio-Technica must be postmarked by September 30, 2009. Rebate Certificates must be used for a one-time purchase by December 31, 2009. Completed Rebate Certificates, along with the purchase receipt and UPC codes, must be returned to Audio-Technica, postmarked by January 31, 2010, to receive a rebate check.
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