Podcast: Sonic TALK122 - Happy Birthday Mark

Mannys to close, Thru-you.com, Spotify and genius      19/03/09

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66:32 mins
The panel is bursting with largess this week due to a bumper attendance with a rare but most welcome visit from Dave Robinson of Pro Sound News Europe - fresh from sending the Musik Messe issue to the printers. Our second Dave is in the form of GForce Software's Dave Spiers - with us after shoe-horning the Chamberlin four manual into his bijou workroom, Mark Tinley is here on his BIRTHDAY! Many Happy Returns mate! PJ Tracy is our man in Minneapolis - Emmy winning composer and studio owner, meanwhile, in Connecticut, Rich Hilton joins us before heading into work with Nile Rodgers. First up, we lament the imminent closure of Manny's Music in New York City - a legendary music shop, then it's on to the amazing Kutiman's Youtube video mashups, Spotify.com a new music streaming business model impresses some of us, then we enjoy a great speech on creativity and genius from TED.com. Remember you can follow us on Twitter - the handle sonicnick Remember... Join Us Live!
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robgs    Said...

Check out Manny's while it's still available thanks to Google's Street Maps.

Google maps

19-Mar-09 05:50 PM

Matt_C    Said...

About Spotify on mobile devices: the reason it's so fast is because it uses a percentage of your hard drive (minumum of 1GB) to store the music you listen to which it shares with other users.

If you tried to run it in it's current form on an iPhone or iPod then your network usage would suddenly be huge. If they implemented Spotify without the sharing mechanism then it would suddenly slow down for all the desktop users who are providing bandwidth for mobile users.

20-Mar-09 05:51 AM

DPtonics    Said...

This is your Brain on Music by Daniel J. Levitin is available on the itunes store.

20-Mar-09 03:04 PM

Nick B    Said...

For those of you with Spofity access, I've just hooked it up with Nicecast from Rogue Amoeba to broadcast Spotify output to my Roku Soundbridge Radio - result = any music I want. Absolutely brilliant.

21-Mar-09 02:40 PM

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