MESSE09: New Novation MIDI Controller

Novation announce SL Mk II      01/04/09
MESSE09: New Novation MIDI Controller

Novation believe that hey are maintaining their position as the number one name in MIDI control with the launch of the SL Mk II. Here's what they have to say about it...
The original ReMOTE SL built its reputation on high quality hardware and pioneering control software. The SL Mk II has some striking additions that set it apart from any other controller on the market, every feature is designed to make mapping and controlling software quick and effortless.
Like all Novation keyboard controllers, SL Mk II is a musical instrument, not just a computer peripheral. A semi-weighted Fatar 'fast touch' keyboard is combined with a full DAW and plug-in control surface that visually feeds back all control information to the user. All knobs and faders are touch sensitive. By simply touching a control, all mapping information automatically appears on the giant 144 character LCD display. Back lit LED buttons and LED ringed encoders instantly show the status of controls. SL Mk II also includes full transport control, an XY "Xpression Pad", 8 drum pads, sprung pitch/mod joystick and a unique "Speed Dial" encoder, which enables the user to grab any parameter the cursor is positioned over. In addition to 25, 49 and 61 key versions, a keyboardless "Zero" will be available with longer-throw faders and a central crossfader.
Ultra-quick mapping of all 56 knobs, faders and buttons is managed by Novation's groundbreaking Automap 3 PRO software, which provides instant and intelligent control of all your music software. As well as extensive DAW control, parameters on VST and AU plug-ins can be assigned by simply touching the controller and clicking the parameter. Perhaps Automap 3 PRO's biggest asset is "Keystroke Assignment", this enables almost any QWERTY or ASCII keyboard shortcut (and combination shortcuts) to be instantly assigned to the SL Mk II controls - providing unprecedented DAW control. Automap 3.0 also introduces "Autoview", where the 'heads up GUI' (showing the current status of all controls) can be programmed to automatically appear whenever a controller is touched, then disappear upon release.
SL Mk II, alongside Automap 3 PRO is without doubt the best control solution on the market, and is available almost immediately. The 25-key and 61-key models are shipping worldwide, April 2009. Zero SL MkII and the 49-key model will follow shortly after. For further details and pricing, contact your local Novation distributor.
About Novation: Whether putting classic synth and drum sounds into the hands of the masses, combining synthesisers, controllers and interfaces into compact and forward-thinking keyboards and interfaces, or making life easier for musicians the world over with their acclaimed ReMOTE SL controllers and Automap Universal technology, Novation have always pushed the boundaries of music technology.
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    CV!    Said...

    I wonder if they'll as unreliable and cheaply made as the previous version, that was thew worst purchase I ever made.

    01-Apr-09 07:45 AM

    Matt    Said...

    My ReMOTE SL has been the best thing I have ever owned. I Want this NOW!!

    01-Apr-09 01:18 PM

    Eric    Said...

    I hope they got the keybed sorted out. I got two different Remote SL61s from Nova Musik before I gave up. The keys just weren't mounted properly - the black keys slammed up against the top panel when released. Ugh. My old remote 49 is still the best feeling controller I've ever used. Wanted to love the SL. Hope this one's better.

    01-Apr-09 07:56 PM

    SL USER 2345678    Said...

    How about in BLACK ?

    01-Apr-09 10:12 PM

    Benedict Johnson    Said...

    I know some kind of reading of the PDFs might have been a obvious first step, but I gave up on my old ReMote Zero because the automap didn't seem to work (it certainly wasn't automatic, anyway). Maybe this next generation will do what it says it'll do..

    02-Apr-09 07:17 AM

    dv8    Said...

    Years later, I'm still in love with my Remote SL and NI's Kore. When it comes to hands on control, this setup works best for me, and I've been through a number of controllers. I loved the SL so much I bought a second one (25 key & 61 key).

    02-Apr-09 09:17 PM

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