3 New Prime Loops Sound Libraries

Glitch Cuts, Urban & Dance Vocals and Minimal & Twisted House Drum Loops      09/04/09

3 New Prime Loops Sound Libraries

Prime Loops have three new sound libraries available. Here's all the details that they have sent us...
  • Glitch Cuts
    Glitch cuts contains well over 1,000 glitchy percussion, sound effects, glitch kits, processed electronics, drums and percussions, hand-crafted via 20 hardware synthesizers over a period of 4 months.
    This new release from the Prime Loops team is suited to those looking to introduce a modern electronic sound to their productions.
    Producers of Minimal, Techno, House, Breaks, Dubstep, Electro, Electronica and other dance genres will find a large selection of 'ready for the mix' sounds presented in 24-bit and in many formats.
  • Urban and Dance Vocals
    Weighing in at nearly 400 vocal phrases, loops, effects and adlibs, Urban & Dance Vocals contains a wide variety of copyright free vocals in many styles for the producer of today.
    Recorded by Dubwise for Prime Loops, when looking for a vocalist Dubwise chose the talented 'Majestic' as the MC for this release. Majestic has worked with some of the biggest names in the UK Hip Hop and Grime scene such as Wiley, Scorcher, Jme, Skepta, Stormin, Jamakabi, MSM and many more. When asked about their choice of vocalist for the first volume of Urban and Dance Vocals, Dubwise answered "We needed someone with a good vocal range, a clear and rich voice and someone who could give us a whole flavour of different vocals that were suited for use in the most popular styles of music production"
  • Minimal & Twisted House Drum Loops
    Minimal & Twisted House Drum Loops has been created by the same artist behind the extremely popular and best-selling 'Minimal Synthesis' release and contains 130+ drum loops with influence styles including Minimal Techno from Berlin, Twisted Beats from Miami, Grooves from Brazil, and many more. Electro, Minimal and Experimental House have been combined for this release resulting in some interesting results!
    This release is available in a large variety of formats including .WAV, Apple Loops, Acid Loops, Rex2, Reason Refill, MPC, Ableton Live Pack and many more.
    Each drum loop is provided with an identical loop minus the bass drum, should you wish to drop it out for a few bars or add an entirely different kick altogether, and the more complex loops have been split up into 3 or 4 parts, so that you can build up or drop them out as you please.
Pricing and Availability:
Each available to download for £12.95
More information:

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