Podcast: Sonic TALK125 - 11,000 Dollar Synth Jam

Trent talks, Live 8, EMU Synths - not, how do I say its good when its bad      16/04/09

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65:22 mins
Another bumper live listeners week - thanks to all who joined us, its great to have live input to the show. If you feel the urge, please come along at 4pm Weds UK time for our live recording at www.sonicstate.com/live. This week in the virtual studio, I'm joined by Rich Hilton fresh back from Tokyo where he was gigging with disco supergroup Chic, Mark Tinley also joins us after his break from last week - he was at the Zoo with the kids i heard via Twitter, and last but not least, Dave Spiers beams in from his synthesizer filled bunker in the Reading area. Our week begins with the release of Ableton Live 8, and the realization that we all need some Live in our lives, then it's on to an excellent video interive with NIN 's Trent Reznor, who really does appear to be a very switched on guy, after oggling all his analog gear, we turn our attention to the ridiculous prices that certain synths are getting on eBay and elsewhere, theres an opportunity to play our new Howard Scarr composed Tumbleweed moment as we fail to uncover anything about the new EMU Longboard and Shortboard new synths, we raise a glass to Charlie Steinberg who just got a MIPA Lifetime Achievement Award, then the inevitable inclusion of another iPhone music app - the iSyn from AudioMIDI.com and Virsyn - we also ponder the enormous market for software now that the Apple App store approaches the 1 Billion downloads to getting on for 30 million devices. Finally we offer suggestions on how to tackle the situation when you are asked "what do you think of my music/gig?". Show Sponsors
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Howard S.    Said...

To Rich H: The brains behind what has become Apple Logic is another German - Gerhard Lengeling. Sorry!

16-Apr-09 10:31 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Congrats on reaching the 125 (or 5 x 5 x 5 podcasts!) show! Once again really enjoyed it and it was nice to be able to catch the last bit of the live show again.

16-Apr-09 11:03 AM

NIN Fan    Said...

Trent Reznor is a total tech geek (if it's been invented he's played with it )....why don't you guys invite him to the show ?

16-Apr-09 11:45 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Good idea, it would be cool to have some guest starts once in a while. Maybe there are quite some artists, producers, engineers and people in the industry that can't do a full time podcast job but would like to participate at some point.

17-Apr-09 03:03 AM

hiltonius    Said...

@ Howard

if i somehow gave the impression that i misunderstood that, forgive me. i was fully aware that logic was developed in Germany and sold, more or less "as is", to Apple.

17-Apr-09 09:02 AM

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