Podcast: Sonic TALK126 - That Woman

Susan Boyle, Pirate Bay, How do you Juno and deep DAW engines      23/04/09

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59:49 mins
We're full of the joys of spring - at least in the UK - where the weather has been lovely for a change. So it's surprising that this week I'm joined this week by anyone considering we should be outsitde enjoying the sun, but thankfully my guests are: Mark Tinley - sound artist and author, Dave Spiers synth collector and creator of some wonderful virtual instruments as GForce Software, Rich Hilton - who's spends much of his time either in the studio with Nile Rodgers or on stage with Chic. Our topics begin this week with the Britain's Got Talent surprise find Susan Boyle, then we're on to the Pirate Bay ruling, How Do You Juno? - the competition from Roland, then we quickly check the results of the Youtube Symphony Orchestra and finish up with a mention of the SM Pro Audio V-Machine software and then we get deep into the sound of the DAW mix engine. Show Sponsors
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Cloudmover    Said...

Very interesting discussion about the differences in the DAW mix engines. Any chance Mark Tinley could post a few seconds of the uncompressed files he used for his audio experiment somewhere so the Sonicstate listeners could hear it for themselves?

Sonicstate could make a poll out of it. Just give us track A, B & C--make it a blind experiment.

Personally, I think it might have something to do with the way your Audio Interface is coloring the sound. I would guess that Pro Tools audio sounds fantastic in Pro Tools on Digidesign gear because it's been optimized to do so. However, since Mark did the test in Logic, that shuts my theory down.

I'm sure the gear I have isn't good enough to hear the minute differences Mark can pick up, but, I'd like to give it a shot. :D

23-Apr-09 10:44 AM

Kaux    Said...

Hi guys, excelent work as always.

I just wanted mark or PJ to confirm the book the recommended a couple shows ago, is it this?



23-Apr-09 11:25 AM

Trus1te    Said...

Doesn't the waveform get reshaped (colored) by the sampling engine your using?

For instance, if you record a saw wave @ 440hz in three different engines you would have to play them standing alone in each of the three different engines to hear the nuances between each.

Otherwise, throwing them into one single engine will cause them to be recolored by that DAW's sampling engine and thus the nuances are lost because the original diference between the three was SOOO small that they will just be filtered out by the new audio engine.

I find it interesting that adjusting the EQ changed the sound and reduced the phase cancellation. That tells me that boosting the EQ caused the the audio engine to factor in the minor nuances as the subtle differences suddenly became significant enough to be captured into the engines algorithms.

I hope that makes sense or has a semblence of truth.

23-Apr-09 11:32 AM

Ze MigL@ Mk2    Said...

Could this sound issue on different daws be related to maybe a slightly different audio quality when doing the summing "live" / in real-time versus a more accurate math on the summing when bouncing the same mix to a file (this time off line processing).

Some years ago there was this sort of similar debate as to the acuraccy of Reason versus Fruity Loops and I remember seeing something online that proved the same sine would get slightly rounded on reason, but this was before 32 bit float I thik...

Just a wild guess... really curious to find more about this subject.

PS - thanks for the plug about our shop in Lisbon on the previous podcast :)

28-Apr-09 06:39 PM

Dave King    Said...

Hi Folks,

It seems your last podcast has created quite the controversy (which I unintentionally started) on the Cakewalk forums. Check it out here:


01-May-09 09:17 PM

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