Rumours of Propellerheads DAW Software

Totally new product to be unveiled May 9th?      05/05/09
Rumours of Propellerheads DAW Software

While Reason is the only way to work for many – with a history of innovation and groove based music creation, as well as being flexible enough to create many other styles of music - one criticism is that it just doesn't do the regular DAW thing – that is to record regular audio in true DAW style – adding vocal tracks, live instruments and all that. Rumours are surfacing that there is a totally new dedicated DAW about to surface, to be uncovered at the upcoming Propellerhead Producers Conferences to be held simultaneously at various worldwide locations on May 9th. The events are open to the public and feature masterclasses from professional producers on aspects of music production using Reason, including A Guy Called Gerald, Alex Blanco, Gary Bromham – and that's just the London show. According to who broke the story, their quote from a "source in Sweden": "This will not be an update to Reason, which will retain its own product category, but will be a new standalone product that will have full-on audio recording capabilities." If there's a conference near you, go book your tickets.


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Martin    Said...

A totally new DAW from Propellerheads? Sounds exciting but also frightening!

Their last update to Reason 4 sequencer was a disaster! I wonder if they do the same mistakes with their new product because the heart of every DAW is the sequencer.

Time will tell.

05-May-09 07:03 AM

Richard    Said...

Hopefully its all reason's gear in plugin form.

05-May-09 10:07 AM

Sekond Thought    Said...

"Their last update to Reason 4 sequencer was a disaster" - Quite possibly the most stupid statement I've ever heard in all my life, period.

05-May-09 11:26 AM

NightShift    Said...

Disaster? Maybe if you never took the time to learn the new tools. V4 was easily the best update once I figured out how to sue the new features in my workflow. I'm stll hoping for a 4.5 to add an "export individual tracks" function of some sort. Having said that, they do have to be careful with anything remotely tagged as a DAW. Seeing how they have a good track record, I give them the benefit of the doubt though =)

05-May-09 01:08 PM

Moby    Said...

I disagree! The sequencer in reason4 is quite awful!

It feels very wrong and static! The sequencer in version3 was simpler and quicker by far!

05-May-09 05:56 PM

bartal    Said...

Dan Engelbrecht from Propellerheads says:

"There has been some rumors floating about the web about the Producers Conferences we will be having around the world on saturday and what we might do or not do... Well, the only way to find out is to actually go to the conference. They are always greatly appreciated so either way you won't lose anything by going."

06-May-09 04:19 AM

Koshdukai    Said...

Reason is not for everybody.

The new R4 sequencer is a compromise between the older simplicity and some advanced features Reason was in need.

I also suspect (and I may be totally wrong) that many of these new features implemented to R4's sequencer have something to do this new rumored DAW. So I'm not at all surprised if the new DAW has exactly the same sequencer (with audio tracks support of course).

I personally would also find it very interesting and even helpful if the new DAW had the same "virtual rack with audio&CV cables at the back" graphical interface, with advanced Combinator-like VST and ReWire wrapper rack modules as the interface.

...anyway, May 9th is not far :)

BTW, Nick, are you planning to go and cover the Conference and post some video of it? :D

06-May-09 04:56 AM

Patli    Said...

Its true, The sequencer in R4 is a compromise between the older simplicity and some advanced features Reason was in need.

But it could be a lot better. The graphics are too large for the size of the application. I feel that a redesign with attention to detail is definitely needed.

but hey... Nick are you going to Guildford producers conference? The anticipation is huge and global! A video is much in demand!

07-May-09 04:49 AM

dok whammo    Said...

they better have a completely new, reworked audio engine

because Reason always has sounded like shit when you get a full mix going with tons of synths and FX

its just a bush-league sound quality IMO

07-May-09 09:50 AM

dim    Said...

dok whammo maybe you cant mix or is doing something wrong.apart from not having vst and audio it has never let me down.and ihave use high end shoul hear the scores people have made with this thing

08-May-09 12:48 AM

Maxim    Said...

dim, I couldn't agree more. If you can't make Reason sound good, you can't mix. Period. Remarks like that one from whammo about Reason always comes from people without the slightest clue about audio - digital or analog.

08-May-09 03:31 PM


08-May-09 07:00 PM

someone    Said...

Take Reason 4, remove synths, leave effects, upgrade mixer and turn MIDI tracks into audio tracks in the sequencer .... and Rewire it to Reason!

09-May-09 01:13 PM

akaono    Said...

I heard its called REcord

09-May-09 01:34 PM

akaono    Said...

64 bit engine 4 new effects that change time & space recycle in reason but somthing else like DNA

09-May-09 01:37 PM

Fantomas    Said...

10-May-09 06:58 AM


The Reason 4 sequencer took out all the fun of making music. It has become more complicated than it needs to be. There was nothing wrong with the Reason 3 sequencer at all. Maybe it needed a few more additions but to change it the way they did was wrong. I suspect they lost a lot of customers because of it. I mean, if I wanted a complicated sequencer I'd use Cubase etc AND have the flexibility of being able to use VSTs. As an experiment, just load up Reason 3 and see how clean and easy to use it is compared to R4. I won't be buying another Reason update that's for sure.

30-Mar-10 05:22 PM

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