Propellerheads Launch Record

Hold tight, here we go...      11/05/09

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Record Interface


Channel Strip


Rack back

Mixing Console
Last week the net was awash with rumour of a totally new DAW software app from Propellerheads, the makers of Reason, and at this weekend's Music Producers Conferences – held simultaneously in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Stockholm and Guildford. So, fast forward to today and the official press embargo of 12 CET and here we are, the application is called Record and is an audio recording and mixing environment aimed at the songwriter and musician who wants to get their ideas down quick. With three distinct environments - Mixer, Sequencer and Rack, the mixer is modeled quite openly on the SSL 9000K series – which is kinda interesting. This includes EQ and dynamics on each channel, plus the famed BUS Compressor. There's also a simple built-in instrument with a selection of building block sounds for use with MIDI sequencing. For the guitarist, there's a built-in virtual POD from Line 6 amp modeler to get those guitar tones fast, right out of the box. The architecture allows for something called "dynamic multicore audio handling" which can utilize the current and future multi-core processors and apparently uses the available resources very efficiently for great performance. The mix engine is 64-bit and has some awesome time-stretching capabilities, with a 40 track multi changed from 130 to 180 bpm then the 68 bpm in real time shown at one demo. Record can be integrated with Reason via Re-Wire so you can integrate the applications assuming you own both and open Reason projects from with Record (again if you have Reason). Scheduled for release around September 2009, the beta testing will begin presently. Pricing $299/€299 $149 for registered Reason users. There is a dedicated Record site at


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Aiki    Said...

Now they just need to implement that time stretching into Reasons samplers.

11-May-09 07:32 AM

bartal    Said...

I don't think this statement is right:

"Record can be integrated with Reason via Re-Wire..."

From Propellerheads website:

"...your favorite Reason devices will automatically be available within Record's ever-expandable, multiple racks. No setting up. No ReWire."

11-May-09 08:01 AM

Brian N.    Said...

Anyone else have a hard time reading the tiny labels on Reason devices?

11-May-09 08:15 AM

GOD    Said...

No vst, no au, no rtas = no DAW :P

(just call it Reason 5.0)

11-May-09 09:59 AM

Fantomas    Said...

I like it more and more as I'm reading the info page but... as it turned out on the Official Forums, there's no MIDI sequencing capability for external synths... I understand their policy about VSTs but not this :(

11-May-09 10:35 AM

nick b    Said...

Hmm, yeah no plugs? Thats an interesting move, but I guess if it integrates to reason then okay.

Sort of narrows down the potential userbase if only to existing Reason users though, less likely to encourage existing users of other products to jump you'd think?

11-May-09 11:01 AM

Nuff    Said...

Big buzz for nothing!!! No VST support and nothing new that doesnt already exist on market!

Another disappointment from Propellerheads!!!

11-May-09 11:23 AM

Batamou    Said...

No MIDI sequencing, no interest...

11-May-09 11:34 AM

jeff    Said...

For the channel strip image...

11-May-09 12:13 PM

Ted    Said...

Since the mission of Record seems to be: "give singer/songwriters a quick, low-mousclick way to record songs" then why should it have elaborate sequencing, loop based stuff or plugs? It's not going up against the Ableton Live marketshare.

If it's not you, a mic, and your guitar plugged into the integrated virtual Pod, and some Reason instruments then perhaps this isn't your DAW? No need to call it a failure.

11-May-09 12:18 PM

timmybuk2    Said...

sure no midi external, no vst etc. it is the same format of reason, just with internal recording. but i would wonder if you can midi sync it with another audio program? like logic? don't know the point but yeah

11-May-09 12:26 PM

Reasonator    Said...

...needs "Ignition Key" (aka. dongle).

So, is it Syncrosoft or iLok?

11-May-09 01:49 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

Nice mixer.... Now I'll have even more justification for turning my monitor 90 degrees to see the rack... I'd be interested to know if you can reposition the different sections of the mixer within its 'rackspace'.

I wonder if the Reason rack devices are actually shared with Reason of if they are built into the Record executable itself?

Anyway, $150 is what I would have spent for a Reason 5 upgrade so I'll consider it to be that ;0)

11-May-09 02:21 PM

A    Said...

I was expecting something mind blowing but oh well. not my cup of tea but if it works for someone else, cool. i'll stick to sonar which works for me.

11-May-09 08:44 PM

adamcal    Said...

I agree with the above, no vst, no midi, what were they thinking.

but the video is awesome, I particularly like the smug engineer with the massive desk, and the singer with the eyeliner.

11-May-09 10:34 PM

churchrd    Said...

No VST means another super stable and cpu efficient Propellerhead product. Granted, not everyones cup o' tea, but for reason users, this is huge. No midi out means it just like reason. Not a big surprise really that they didn't implement VST and midi out. It's the props after all. I'm in for $150.

12-May-09 01:15 AM

churchrd    Said...

I'm not big on the dingle/dongle at all. But i understand in this day and age of piracy.

12-May-09 01:17 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Wasn't Live at first only audio as well? Maybe they want to first establish the core system in order to later integrate plugins and midi.

12-May-09 05:59 AM

Velocipede    Said...

You are correct Mark JX8P. I remember because I bought Live when they added MIDI. At the time, after moving to OS X, all I was using was Reason and I wanted to record audio again and use plug-ins.

Frankly, Record does not look especially interesting to me, now, but I will at least try it. Could be worth it for the new effects and I would not be surprised if I end up liking it and even buying it.

12-May-09 07:10 AM

Dan A.    Said...

Looks great. I really like the mixer. Sonar doesn't really get anywhere near that until you get the Producer version, and this one still looks better. I also like the Rack Back - stack pre-amps, effects, etc, and route them the way you would with hardware. Makes perfect sense.

However, without VST support, I'm not sure if they'll convert the masses.

12-May-09 11:26 AM

mystic radio    Said...

propellerheads is making a FORCE PLAY on people.... Record will be great if you input everything analog from hardware synths , guitars, voice etc....BUT just try to use your expensive vst's like OMNISPHERE...MIROSLAV PHILHARMONIC etc etc.. Propellerheads have shut you OUT. BAD BAD move on their part....cause they have comepetiion like PRESONUS STUDIO ONE coming up their butts that DO allow this function. Time for a rethink PROPELLERHEADS...

15-Jun-09 09:05 AM

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