Peter Gabriel On the Road To Caracas

A vlog-eye-view from Richard Evans      18/05/09

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11:32 mins
Regular listeners to the Sonic TALK podcast will perhaps be familiar with Richard Evans, guitarist and guy who drives the Ableton Live for the Peter Gabriel Band. Recently returned from a short spell in South America where the band performed at a few select stadiums on their Small Place Tour, Richard kindly sent us in some footage. It covers the setup and production rehearsals period before the band finally hit the stage in Caracas on 18 March 2009. Many thanks also to Tony Levin and Gabriel Talavera for additional clips from production rehearsals and the show in Caracas, Venezuela.

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Marc JX8P    Said...

Thanks! Really cool view behind the scenes!

18-May-09 12:15 PM

mystic radio    Said...

Yes we need more stuff like this... how gear we yak and yak about actually gets uitilized in the pro world..... thank you sonicstate

18-May-09 03:49 PM

Nick B    Said...

Be happy to accept any other peoples experiences from gigs or tours etc.

18-May-09 03:56 PM

kieranq    Said...

wow, this is cool.

18-May-09 04:11 PM

wasp99    Said...

Would like a video on Richard;s guitars like the 12 string on tour. Thanks

21-May-09 08:34 AM

antonio    Said...

really great

30-May-09 01:16 PM

Peter Kadar    Said...

this is awesome! Thank you SS and Richard!!! PG is one of my very favourite artists ever.

Does Richard have a YouTube page as well?

07-Jun-09 05:17 AM

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