Learn The Korg M3 Online

Karma-Lab offer a new subscription service      19/05/09
Learn The Korg M3 Online

Karma-Lab has opened a new support service for Korg M3 owners and KARMA users: the Premium Content Area (PCA). By purchasing an affordable subscription plan, users gain access to new video tutorials being released on a weekly basis. Benefits include:
  • New online video tutorials delivered weekly plus supporting discussion forums with priority responses.
  • Learn from the masters including KARMA developer Stephen Kay and KARMA programmer Scott Raposa.
  • Multi-part / multi-week tutorials series go in-depth covering topics such as programming combis and using KARMA software.
  • Individual class tutorials highlight interesting features and provide useful tips & tricks.
  • Discover the hidden power of your instrument and get the most out of your investment.
The PCA's "grand opening" unveiled the first nine chapters (over 72 minutes) of the House 101 Combi Creation Series, a multi-part series that teaches users to create a fully KARMA-fied combi. Presented by KARMA Sound Set Programmer Scott Raposa (author of Reincarnation), several sample chapters can be watched for free from the House 101 page . For more information, visit Karma-Lab's PCA page:
  • karma-lab.com


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    S R Dhain    Said...


    From my own perspective, i can still remember the day i bought my motif xs, and chose it over the M3. Something in my guts, told me that this was FOR ME at least, a wiser choice.

    nearly 18 months down the line, and i see shedloads of secondhand ones on ebay at ANY given moment (some with "bought 2 months ago" in the ad), pro friends of mine whinge about theirs - which means it just sits there in the corner- and even after the expanded o/s update, theyre now offering this for the karma engine..thats what i call A LOT of post sale support.

    The biggest irony here, is that the OAYSIS, which one of my friends owns and uses, they never really gave the final polish to..

    just out of curiosity, how many here are M3 owners, and what are your experiences with using the board?

    19-May-09 02:02 PM

    spike    Said...

    I bought the Motif XS6 and the Korg M3 and the Fantom G7. You made the right choice the XS is by far the easiest to work with, the other 2 are not user friendly at first but are still good keyboards once you've got used to them. The M3 would be my second favourite and the G7 my last choice. The M3 can be a bit overwhelming to start with and the touch screen takes a bit of getting used to. The manual are all equaly rubbish and you have to rely on forums to learn how to use them. Luckily there are plenty of people willing to help on the Motif and M3 forums and to a lesser extent on the Roland forum.

    29-Dec-09 06:48 AM

    Peter K.    Said...

    I have an S90ES, just sold a Motif ES7 that I've had for years, and have the M3 module w/2.0 software and the Radias expansion. I've used a Motif XS, and I find I prefer the older units.

    The M3 is great, and offers a lot. I find it pretty easy to use, and sounds great. The USB expansion sets are really good. I think it's a great synth, and a great value. I was frustrated that the Motif only allows 4 way splits in Performance mode, while the M3 does 16. Plus, I find the 8 pads very useful, which I didn't expect.

    I love that I can program an entire show on it, and fly with it in overhead storage on a plane and a USB key around my neck.

    Having said that, I haven't used a lot of its features, like the sequencer or Karma very much... yet. I also haven't had to program many original sounds, but that's because there's so many great onboard sounds that I can usually tweak them in a Combi and be good to go.

    There's some new vintage patches for free on the Korg website that stand up well to my Nord Stage, which is really saying something.

    I think it's a great board (well, module in my case). Sounds great, it's easy to use for basic programming in voice and combi modes, it's portable and well built. It's more stable than any laptop, and it comes with its own control surface. It's an outstanding choice for keyboard players who fly to gigs.

    06-Sep-10 05:41 PM

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