Vintage Drum Sounds

Impact Soundworks releases Groove Bias: Vintage Drum Sounds sample library      28/05/09

Vintage Drum Sounds

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Impact Soundworks have released a new drum sample library, Groove Bias: Vintage Drum Sounds. Here's their press release...
Impact Soundworks, a joint venture between sound designers Andrew Aversa and Wilbert Roget, II, is dedicated to designing innovative and unique sample libraries for composers looking for fresh, highly expressive sounds outside the norm.
"Groove Bias" is one of the first acoustic drum kit sample libraries to focus exclusively on vintage acoustic drum kits recorded in an authentic 60's and 70's style with all-analog gear. Recorded at three studios across the United States, the library contains three deeply sampled, custom kits as well as a set of percussive instruments like bongos and tambourines.
"The drum sounds of the 60s and 70s have been captivating producers and engineers such as me for decades. Countless tracks have featured samples taken from funk records, but no one has made an effort to create a new collection of old-school sounds with that vintage tone," said Andrew Aversa, lead developer of the product.
The library was designed, produced, and edited by Aversa, who co-developed the highly-lauded "Sitar Nation" collection, also available through Impact Soundworks. Engineers at three separate studios collaborated with Aversa to build the perfect kits and capture the ideal tone.
The recordings were made using a wide range of microphones, from high-end Neumann mics to trashy RCA and GE mics nearly half a century old. The all-analog outboard chain featured such gems as an authentic 70s Neve broadcast console, a UA-1176 and 2-610S, Tube-Tech, ADL and Empirical Labs compressors and even giant Otari and TASCAM tape machines!
"Groove Bias" contains nearly 4 gigabytes and 3,500 samples of unlocked, 24/96 audio content programmed over 139 Kontakt (version 2+) patches. The library is also available in EXS-24 and Halion formats as well as Reason NN-XT (at 16/44.1), with more formats, such as Gigastudio and Battery, on the way.
In keeping with the vintage mindset and methodology, the library streamlines mixing, offering one or two tracks per kit component – close micing, and overhead or room micing.
"There are plenty of drum samples out there that have no 'character' and expect the user to start from scratch each time they use it. Groove Bias isn't like that, though it's easy to mold. We wanted a classic, unique sound 'out of the box', and that's exactly how it turned out!" said Aversa.
Pricing and Availability:
Available for immediate download via the Impact Soundworks website for $99, worldwide. More information:

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