Visual Voice Pro

Universal software tool uses sound to create an extraordinary visual environment      04/06/09

Visual Voice Pro
Jools Holland creates visuals

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Korg UK sent us this press release detailing the use of a Samson mic for Visual Voice Pro. We'll bring you more on VVP when the VVP website is fully functional...
Jools Holland recently helped to launched Visual Voice Pro (VVP)-, a universal software tool that uses sound to create an extraordinary visual environment ideal for multi-sensory spaces; Special Educational Needs practitioners and sensory integration therapy.
Visual Voice Pro uses the Samson UB1 microphone to listen to all the sounds in the room, from footsteps to laughter to singing or even banging a drum. The software then instantly processes the sounds to create abstract, beautiful graphics that illuminate the wall via the projector or screen. The different graphic settings range from bold energetic shapes to gentle calming scenes.
Ideal for use with groups and individuals of all ages, Visual Voice Pro is extremely user friendly and gets immediate results.
"The high quality of the Samson UB1 mike will ensure that no sound goes undetected. We are very excited to be involved with this innovative new software system. " Gareth Underwood from Korg UK
"I am delighted to endorse Visual Voice Pro. Music is a powerful medium, and to see it made visual in a way that can help people is very exciting. Visual Voice Pro is a great tool that can benefit anybody who wants to find a new way to experience the magic of sound." Jools Holland, Musician and TV Presenter
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